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Old 02-24-2009, 08:23 PM
xplornetadmin xplornetadmin is offline
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Default Some reasons why Xplornet IS NOT a good choice for rural broadband. An Overview !

As one of the first Xplornet customers in rural Trenton 3 years ago, I have experienced, MANY MANY problems, with their so called "High Speed" offerings. So much so, and knowing that I couldn't be alone, I started www.xplornetsucks.com a web site for xplornet users from all over Canada (satellite and wireless) to ask questions, get answers, and complain.

My Main Points why Xplornet is a poor choice for rural Broadband.

1. The company's implemantation of the Morola canopy system is sub par, technical support is almost non existant, money wasted on building towers when existing structures can be used ( ie cell phone towers/silos/water towers etc...) Reference www.silonet.ca... Having a prominent Ottawa radio host call-in Host, spend 2 hours complaining about Xplornet and not having service, ON AIR, can't be good for business... the kicker was when an Xplornet Support person called in and suggested that he email tech support to report his problem!!!! He stated on air that would be kind of difficult as he had NO SERVICE to email them!!! http://www.xplornetsucks.com/forums/...ighlight=radio

2. Having only one company, creates a monoply... and xplornets contract is not in favor of the consumer, there is no regulation, xplornet takes no responsibility, privacy issues are not addressed... in fact the consumer has no privacy as stated in the contract.
Without competition from Bell/Rogers "high speed anywhere", or Hydro One's potential network (see below)... consumers are at the mercy of Xplornet from day 31..... want out of your contract, pay a heavy penalty to buy it out, have complaints about service, installation.. the contract is worded that it is not their problem, Xplornet can raise rates/lower speeds AT ANY TIME, or alter the wording of the contract, and as the internet is not regulated by the CRTC.. and having no competition, Xplornet does not have to account to anyone!!!! http://www.xplornet.com/legal.php
Questionable practices of deception in advertising.. "service will be of DSL quality"... there are many bandwidth issues between 3 -11 PM, making the internet not much better than dial-up... and many people have stated on my website... dial-up was at least more reliable (speeds/connectivity).. and actually the "sustained" speed is 1/2 to 3/4 of what consumers think they have paid for.. most of the time, less. Also deceptive is the Speed test site Xplornet will direct customers to, "Speedtest.net".. it would appear with this site you can "BUY" good speedtest results.. which gives the false illusion that you are getting what you have paid for... A site that I recommend.. www.testmy.net.. shows the "real speed" of Xplornet's offering, and does not sell services to providers. ( search Xplornet on www.testmy.net, and notice the aggregate results of thousands of speed tests completed by xplornet users! 750 K is the aggregate of thousands of xplornet speed tests!! DSL my ass!)

3. Xplornet and its canopy system could face huge problems with Ontario's Hydro One roll out of thier Smart Meter program, which operates on the same 2.4 GHz frequency of much of Xplornets equipment (SM's), and could be a major source of interference and connectivity issues... Hydro One was contacted about this potential issue , and approached about using their system as a potential "broadband" solution. It would have helped defray the cost of their construction of the wireless network, and being the internet "backbone" of Xplornet.. they have many of the expensive infrastructure in place... the same can be said about Bell/Rogers internet anywhere using existing bandwidth and cell phone towers. Xplornet was also made aware of the potential problems/conflict with Hydro one's Smart Meters, and the response was basically.. It's not our problem!!

4. Connectivity is always an issue with Xplornet... installation of extra equipment can be expensive and unneccessary, site survey fees.. plus potential extras like TV towers add up. Combine that with sometimes "shoddy" installations.. and if your Subscriber Module (SM) suddenly can't connect.. and, you may pay for a return call to fix what shouldn't have happened in the first place. Everday things like cordless phones (2.4 GHz or 900 MHz) , baby monitors can interfere with reception.. something many people are not told about during installation.. and the consumer has to go through hours of needless and time wasting technical support to be made aware of the problems. And Again, oversubscription and inadequate bandwidth, can make the internet painfully useless during the time that MOST people will want to use it (3-11 PM).
side note... There are many small wireless internet providers, who prior to Xplornet being granted money from government/municipalities etc.. provided service to their local communities. In many cases, Xplornet's deployment of its equipment interferes with the smaller providers area, creating issues and problems for the customers of that specific ISP. It would be interesting to see how www.Silonet.ca fares once Xplornet starts deploying its towers... In some cases Xplornet buys out these existing companies and it's customers... and from comments from Storm customers in the Ottawa area, their service went from great to worse!

5. Many people are not told, but it is implied that on line gaming can be accessed.. with Xplornet... BUT.. only if they pay an extra $10 a month for a static IP. Most people only find this out after 30 days, after they are locked into their contract, because xplornet through its Sytems management software (Backhaul access manager= BAM) fully opens the new subscribers service for the first 30 days, then throttles back the speeds and disconnects them from having a static IP.

6. Not to mention, Xplornet may be facing a class action lawsuit about its practices. http://www.druginjurylawyerblog.com/...s_actio_1.html

Thanks for your time.. I hope everyone who is a potential Xplornet customer, and the people involved in awarding Tax Payers dollars are aware of the potential issues with the deployment of the Rural Broadband Initiative.

And before you sign up, please address any and all concerns I have raised BEFORE, you get locked into a contract...
Do your speed tests at testmy.net (sign up) as they will automatically save all your test results (at least twice a week) [don't trust my speed test site, choose any other at your discretion] and if after 30 days the speed results go down...which they will, you will have independant proof that xplornet is screwing you over!!!! AND ask them to put EVERYTHING in writing, and ask for a contract when you sign up, AND READ IT!!!... trust me this is one contract that will bite you back if it is not in writing... and you may want to add a "note" when you sign it , (GET a copy!!!) stating that unless xplornet notifies you in WRITING, any changes to the original contract are null and void...

Mike Banton
5 McMurray Road, Trenton, On
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Old 02-25-2009, 11:28 AM
dave_ca dave_ca is offline
Senior Member
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A quote of a friend who used to work as a level 3 "NOC" tech

"Dave, its like there running it from the back of a pickup truck"

Exact words, in regards to there support.
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Old 02-27-2009, 12:46 AM
xplornetsuck xplornetsuck is offline
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From what I've read over time, is Xplornet is trying to do a ten year expansion plan in 5 years. And in that regards, there are many companies that failed in doing that, by over extending themselves when it came to new customers and being able to supply all those customers with 'Product'. Then the typical pattern is to delay shipments to the customer(usually the older or less important accounts). But at some point the delays get to be too long and the customer finds another supplier, as per the 'out clause' in the contract.
So simply put. Xplornet sets up a area with 'X' amount of bandwidth. By the time that bandwidth gets full,,, Xplornet is spending that upgrade money on another system. And so on. Users have posted a 'up to' 5 month wait for new bandwidth, that may not be sized for the then current customer loads. For those Storm users, http://www.Storm.ca had a waiting list to allow for the system to keep up with bandwidth compared to users(and no contracts). But Storm made a mistake of being a bandwidth re-seller to Xplornet, and that is my guess to the sellout of part of Storms wireless system(Xplornet kept coming back looking for more bandwidth and Storm provided it, but at a loss to new customers and profits).

When Xplornet got in to the satellite re-selling business(May 2005), money came in quick as dialup users saw what was advertised as fast and 'not dialup'. But If Telesat did not keep upgrading the bandwidth at the NOC's(or oversubscribed a beam to the available bandwidth. 80% of users can be online at once, needing 80% of package speeds), then Xplornet gets crap(users don't know that Telesat or Hughesnet provides the satellites). But as many people have posted, if Xplornet does not say the cause of the slowdowns, the user gets blamed first and eventually support may say about oversubscription... A grievance satellite Installers have with the various Satellite Internet companies, is that the Installer can install a system perfectly. But if the System is setup to cause callbacks at the Installers loss of profit, you end up with Installers quiting. Either support can say about oversubscription or supports easy out is to send out the Installer to 'diagnose' the problem.

Then Xplornet moves in to the Wireless business and then what happens is each system is set up with a base amount of bandwidth. And the problem with that, is it can cost more in the long run to have to keep changing out equipment to upgrade bandwidth requirements. There are many small ISP's that set up a system with full tower bandwidth needs at the start. And have less problems with their systems... Xplornets double NAT being a problem(and IPV4 address's are in short supply)...
A wise move was buying the 3.5GHz spectrum. But now the expense of retrofitting it onto towers and customers homes in 'Interference' prone areas(thanks to the non-regulation of Wireless ISP's signals by Government)... So Xplornet could have 4 spectrum's on each tower.... There is also the Milton, Ontario, joy. A system setup, I am guessing, Mainly by computer. And not enough field work to note that Xplornet needed tall dedicated towers. Customers having to setup expensive towers to access the system, is not the way to setup a system.

Xplornet needs to take care of the existing infrastructure and delay the expansion by a year or two.. Even though all that government money is so hard to ignore.
The New Brunswick Government Mandated Provincial expansion guidelines, could be a new example for Xplornet to follow for the rest of it's system. With no contracts being a start. But as a business, phasing those in with needed upgrades to bandwidth.
Plus keeping speeds within their Tiered pricing ranges. The 5Mbps service should stay within a 4Mbps to 5Mbps range. The 3Mbps service should stay between 2Mbps to 3Mbps. The 1.5Mbps service should stay in the 1Mbps to 1.5Mbps range. The 300Kbps service should stay in the 200Kbps to 300Kbps range. These speeds can be achieved. And unless someone is constantly downloading, Make sure that there is a heavy throttling clause fully 'Detailed' in the user agreement.
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Old 11-28-2010, 03:41 PM
Grant.Logan2 Grant.Logan2 is offline
Junior Member
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Default Xplornet is Great in N.B.

I must say, in New Brunswick the speeds are fine, you cant stream hd video on it but if you got the $70 per month package, im sure you could, not that thats something i demand anyways, customer service is amazing and i have never been put on hold for longer than expected, the tech support answers any question i may have...they dont even disagree with me turning off nat on my Canopy!

I also remember going to a friends house, he has dsl and wondering why it was soo slow!
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Old 12-07-2010, 01:54 AM
xplornetadmin xplornetadmin is offline
Join Date: Feb 2007
Posts: 585

So Grant why are you here posting? This isn't xplornet is such a great service provider, that you spend your time looking for sites to say as much... dumbass xplornet shill, social network engineer looking to try and PROMOTE a company who's service is crap,,, xplornet SUCKS.. and so do you!!

Originally Posted by Grant.Logan2 View Post
I must say, in New Brunswick the speeds are fine, you cant stream hd video on it but if you got the $70 per month package, im sure you could, not that thats something i demand anyways, customer service is amazing and i have never been put on hold for longer than expected, the tech support answers any question i may have...they dont even disagree with me turning off nat on my Canopy!

I also remember going to a friends house, he has dsl and wondering why it was soo slow!
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