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Old 02-08-2013, 04:35 PM
Pro_Installer Pro_Installer is offline
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Talking New Installer

I am a vetern installer for C-Band/KU, Bell, Shaw Direct, FTA and of course the American counter-parts, so I finally jumped on the Internet band wagon.

After many years of seeing Xplornet grow, it seems they may have finally tackled their problems with bandwidth by obtaining ALL the bandwidth with the Jupiter platform. I would have liked to see them actually launch the bird themselves, but hey, you can't have everything I guess!!

I do like the fact that it works great in the area I am covering with only needing the right hand TRIA and one cable can be ran, oppossed to two. Also, a solid copper #17AWG messenger has been approved to run from the TRIA to the ground block to act as a proper ground which will be aesthetically pleasing for the consumer and easier as an installer, then running a single RG6 and green #12AWG ground wire.

Bonding or grounding is a big part of the install as over 48 volts is runnung through the RG6 cable to power the TRIA to make it all posssible. As an installer who "believes in doing it right the first time", I will follow their strict procedure to insure the consumer an excellent service that looks good too, as I have done will ALL my installs for some time now.

I just hope Xplornet gives the consumer the same quality service that I do. After reading lots of other posts about Xplornet's other older systems I must say, I wasn't too impressed and reading posts about HughsNet across the border I am a little worried about what will become a Standard install and prices will drop as time goes by. I suffered enough working for ExpressVu and Star Choice(Bell & Shaw Direct) over the years as they offered decent rates in the beginning, only to see them dwindle down to a point I was making LESS then minimum wage!

I hope I can offer insight to these systems as I become more familar with them and look forward to reading your posts! Happy Surfing Ya'll
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Old 02-09-2013, 02:15 PM
dave_ca dave_ca is offline
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I have used many of xplornet's platforms over the years, and I have to say Echostar 17 is the best working one yet. I consistently get my 5Mpbs. Rain fade no longer means no internet service. Good luck on your installs!
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Old 02-09-2013, 02:45 PM
Brad R Brad R is offline
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I've had HughesNet Ku service and Xplornet Ka (Telesat) service, and judging from my experience and what I've read on this forum, most of the hardware problems result from bad installation. I've been lucky in that department. I did have a Ka modem go bad after a few months, and fortunately my Xplornet installer always brought two trias along on an install because the first one he tried was defective, but other than that I had no particular hardware issues. (I had service issues with HughesNet unilaterally changing the terms of their contract, but that wasn't a hardware problem.)

That was some time ago. I moved from satellite to Xplornet wireless (via Everus), and then when they discontinued service to my area, I switched to Rogers.

Anyhow, you sound like you're going to be a careful and conscientious installer, so your customers should be happy. (Well, some aspects of satellite service -- like the long ping times -- are guaranteed to bring some unhappiness, but that can't be helped.)
4G Fixed Wireless Formerly Echostar 17 "Jupiter"; Rogers Rocket Hub; Everus 3.5 GHz Wireless; Telesat Kazam plan; HughesNet Ku.
A computer without Windows is like a chocolate cake without mustard. http://www.goodbyemicrosoft.net
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Old 02-12-2013, 12:27 PM
Pro_Installer Pro_Installer is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2013
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Thanks Dave, I hope they are happy since its looks like most of my installs may be pole mounts and the new specs are 10 feet above ground. I will have to get a taller step ladder, lol.

Sounds good Brad, I am going to do my best for sure(ADD),
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