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Old 05-15-2012, 07:02 PM
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Default Close to the end of 3yrs of....

contracted to be screwed over.

I wont rant cause well... you all know what the "Xplornet Experience" is like (and yes... i got hit with the "you signed a 3yr contract" when i didn't. Convenient they don't have paper records.)

Just wanted to share today's experience with xplornet "support".

Called initially to inquire what the newsgroup address was for xplornet (which btw they do not have) and decided to inquire as to a few things (once again) that I was not happy with... fluctuation in bill charges... getting hung up on 3x before finally having someone actually pick up the line... etc etc. My major gripe as usual was of course the horrible speeds.

In a nutshell... after being given the whole "5mb/s download up to 6mb then throttled ba... err sorry... "Managed Usage" back to 900kb/s BS. I explained that I would be dancing a jig if i ever saw 900kb/s.. and that I was running at 3-4kb/s (not exaggerating... 20mb download takes me 1.5 hours at 3am). So basically... we are going to advertise and sell you a $100,000 2012 Porsche... and show up and delivery a 1989 Jetta.

These are the things i was told...

1. We don't support our service speeds through a router... it is meant be be directly hooked up to one machine and one machine only.
2. We don't support our service speeds with consoles (this includes downloading any updates or products.)
3. Our service is not meant to stream video, use flash or download files (the first two I pointed out being pretty much a norm on this day in age's web pages). The platform was designed to get email and surf text based websites. (which i of course explained this was 2012... not 1990 anymore).
4. Basically its the entire internet's fault... absolutely nothing on their end that is causing the slow speeds.

... and the final kicker... "why don't you upgrade your service... yes it will be another 3yr contract and will cost you 105$ vs 80$ per month" *LAUGHS HARD*

Sad news is... still zero options in my area to move on to (except for bell wireless hub which would cost me an obscene amount for the amount of bandwidth I use) so im stuck with xplornet still... but at least not tied to a contract. I just hope and pray they don't f**k with my service cause i don't renew the contract.

Can't believe shat like this is even legal.

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