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Old 06-24-2011, 02:08 AM
jkh6868 jkh6868 is offline
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Thumbs down How much should I expect?

I have got the 300Kbps Zoom package( what a mis-titling). After the usual customer "service"(another mis-titling) , I asked With I wasn't able to download any faster than14KBps. Well I was informed that in package where Advertised in kbps , (That kilo"bites" per second). Not Kbps(Kilobytes)
And that the download technique is a duplex signal. So the incoming data has to share the bandwidth was outgoing "confirmation"packets.
So, the title is the question. Lets answer this in 2 parts.
How much of the 37.5Kbps could I realistically get for a download rate?
And how much have other Xplornet "victims" actually been getting?

Btw. I've got this theory. I think they ask you To Identify yourself,When you call in, to such depth . So you get frustrated , and won't call them up, unless you really need to.
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Old 06-24-2011, 05:59 AM
ret ret is offline
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You could download free Networx and monitor your speeds.
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Old 06-24-2011, 10:45 AM
Brad R Brad R is offline
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Yes, it's easy to get bytes and bits confused. One byte is eight bits. They like to advertise bits per second because it's a bigger number. But bytes per second is what your download will report.

On this forum, I try to consistently use upper case B for bytes and lower case b for bits, and also I write KB/s (with a slash) for kilo bytes per second, but Kbps (with the letter p) for kilo bits per second, just to avoid confusion.

Do a speed test at some quiet time, like 6 am. You should see close to 300 Kbps (which is 37.5 KB/s). If you don't get that speed, you've got hardware or network problems. If you do get that speed at 6 am, but not at 9 pm, then congestion is your problem -- they've oversubscribed the tower or underprovisioned the network.

Originally Posted by jkh6868 View Post
And that the download technique is a duplex signal. So the incoming data has to share the bandwidth was outgoing "confirmation"packets.
That's true, but the outgoing packets are much, much smaller than the incoming packets. That shouldn't reduce your incoming data rate by more than a few percent. If they're telling you this is why you're getting poor download speeds, they're B.S.ing you.
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