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Old 06-21-2011, 07:06 AM
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Unhappy this is my story with xplornet

this is my story with xplornet
so i decided to try out the satellite internet couple years ago,phoned all over for an installer but the best ones were busy busy busy but finally found one to come out on dec 24 which i thought was good because i couldn't bare another christmas stuck in dial up land on limited dial up hours.
well the installer showed up in a saturn car pulls out a collapsible ladder and starts the installation,after a few hours he tells me that the signal is too low to complete the installation stating that the signal was only 86 and it Had to be around 120 to finish
i ask if he could just leave it like that cuz i figured maybe it was because of the clouds and if he turned the satellite on that i would get a better signal but he said nope
ok so he said he'd have to come back next week and on the 29th he came back and finished and i was surfing after a couple hours
nine days later for some reason i couldn't get on the internet for hour or so and phone the internet support people and after clicking and typing stuff on the computer with help from support i discovered that the signal was no higher then 86 and at the time when the internet gave out the signal was at a whopping 92 and remained there,(so it was back to the dreaded slow almost out out of dial up hours dial up)
they got the installer to come back out a week later and he lowered the satellite receiver and go me back on the internet, (i asked him why did the internet give out in the first place a he said it could be the trees were in the way and the hills too could be a factor also the satellite moves too)
after trying to remember what that internet support guy showed me to get to the system control center i seen that the signal was back to 86 but i was on the web none the less
as the days and weeks and months pasted by the signal kept degrading to the point that i had to phone again to get it fixed (the signal was down to 63)and i insisted on a different installer to come fix it which was arranged prior to phoning in a service ticket,(plus the travel cost was cut by half too)
ok so the new installer comes out, check things out, re adjusts the satellite receiver,tries a new receiver head,a new modem,new cable ,everything except a new dish because he didn't had one with him but couldn't get any more signal strength he tells me that i might be out of luck because in his past experience that there was no way the internet would work on a 86 signal (i told him about how the first installer came out the second time and said the trees were in the way and the hills too, he looked down the hill at the trees and across to the other hill and up to where the the satellite was points and said that wasn't the case)
after a couple hours of arriving and doing his thing the internet (to his total surprise) kicked in and he left with one of those wtf looks on his face .. signal strength 86 back on the web again
naturally the signal has degraded again to it's present strength of 63 i phoned a different installer but he said he needs a service ticket before he'll come out so i phoned xplornet again (i think a summer student answered) to get one but now xplornet says i'm in an unserviceable area due to trees and hills(now if their satellite fallen out of the sky has crashed into the bush down the hill from me i'd be inclined to agree and said as much) so i'm just waiting a too see if any thing is going to happen and i'm exploring other internet options as well

Receive Signal Strength 62
Normalized Power Word 47
Receive Status Up (State Code 25 : Terminal is fully operational)
Transmit Status Up (State Code 25 : Terminal is fully operational)
Data Path Satellite Normal
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Old 06-21-2011, 07:11 AM
the oracle of whatever the oracle of whatever is offline
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when i said .....(i told him about how the first installer came out the second time... i meant the third time ... my bad
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Old 06-21-2011, 08:27 AM
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I had the satellite setup initially with xpoornet and never experienced a poor signal even though I was pointed through the edge limbs of a tree. I did have the poor speeds and that never did change. Of course when I asked I was told how the signal travels far greater distances than dsl or wireless and that is what created delays and slow speeds. You should take advantage of getting out of this service while you can.

I don't know where you are but it sounds like your in the middle of no where on the top of a hill.

This site you may be aware of. It helps to know where the wireless towers are if your considering Bell or Rogers rocket hub as this system is about the only wireless that is working fairly well and Rogers is cheaper than Bell's same system. I would not recommend xpoornet's wireless system if it is available for you. It's worse than their satellite system.

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Old 06-21-2011, 12:45 PM
xplornetsuck xplornetsuck is offline
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Are you in of Saskatchewan?(and probably on hughesnet(KU(7000 unit) or KA(hn9000 unit)), since you have a system status center in it). I have not looked lately, but sasktel has their cellular internet system and "sasktel satelllite internet, powered by xplornet, which is powered by telesat or hughesnet", which is supposed to have a guaranteed minimum speed of about 825Kbps. But problem is, you would have to have had to change things over to sasktel(and whatever contract B.S. to modify), and no guarantee of having any better service, than what you had.

Edit: Without looking it up, but on the hughesnet KU units, the signal strength is about a max of 90. And there are also around 8 or so leased KU band satellites, that hughesnet is slowly transferring customers off, when the lease ends. And the KU satellites can have issues with electrical problems and 'load balancing'( which is where users from two transponders are moved to one transponder, which can cause lower speeds, since the transponder is now fully loaded).
And once again without looking it up, the one Hughesnet KA band satellite(hn9000 modem) is about 140 to 160 with signal strength. So being on the edge of the 'spot beam' can give a real low signal strength number. Pic attached of Hughesnet 'spaceway3'(KA band) satellite spotbeams for canada.
And I am going to guess is the telesat KA band satellite is sold out. Next KA band satellite(ViaSat1) in service by the end of the year(spot beam areas unknown).

The CCTS site to complain too if your were installed with site line issues, or even being in an area of the province that may be not good for a strong enough signal for the particular hardware/platform.

CCTS thread on this site.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Spaceway3 spot beams.JPG (132.8 KB, 10 views)

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Old 06-22-2011, 09:00 AM
Brad R Brad R is offline
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Also, it is extremely rare that "the satellite moves." Satellites are in fixed, assigned orbital positions. The only case I can recall of a satellite being moved was an old satellite being moved to make room for its replacement. (Think of what would be required to repoint every customer's dish if the satellite was moved.)

I had Xplornet KA service for two years, and our dish never needed adjustment. If an installer is telling you "the satellite moves", he's B.S.ing you. More likely he screwed up the first install.

(P.S. Sometimes your dish can move, if it's not firmly attached. There have been several cases of people needing their dishes re-aimed after a high wind storm. But it's not the satellite that moved.)
4G Fixed Wireless Formerly Echostar 17 "Jupiter"; Rogers Rocket Hub; Everus 3.5 GHz Wireless; Telesat Kazam plan; HughesNet Ku.
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Old 06-22-2011, 08:53 PM
the oracle of whatever the oracle of whatever is offline
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hi, it's me, i'm back
after suffering from web accelerator problems all day i went and unplugged the modem and climbed up to the satellite receiver(it's only about twelve feet up off the ground)to take pictures of where the the receiver head was pointing and where the satellite dish was pointing (to prove to whomever that there was no trees in the way to get out of the unserviceable thing xplornet put me on) i discovered that four of the five bolts attaching the dish to the mounting plate???are loose ,they are lacking washers and lock washers and there is considerable???? play in that area so i'm not sure if i should fix it myself (i don't have any washers or lock washers) or call it in and hope they don't charge me travel cost. there are also other bolts that are loose on the receiver head and other mounting places.
i do remember asking the first installer about stuff like that concerning loose bolts the third time he can out but he denied the fact that that would be the case
on a side note i do have the hn9000 modem and my uploading it terrible i have a 75 receive signal and normalized power word of 48
yeap it's though sasktel i'm not sure what satellite i'm on
i didn't opt for a contract and pay a monthly fee and have the 250mb daily package package
personally i'd like to tighten up the bolts myself to get back to my 86 signal (or better)but i don't want to do anything that will affect whatever warranty there is if there's any.

i better call first and hope xplornet doesn't try to blame me for them loose bolts because it's not my fault , they never gave me a call back yet about getting a service call in the first place.
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Old 06-22-2011, 09:16 PM
xplornetsuck xplornetsuck is offline
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Go through Sasktel(as being your provider technically)(or even the CCTS complaint office http://www.ccts-cprst.ca/ if things are still screwed up for getting a proper signal and speed) and ignore Xplornet(initially), since sasktel may help to resolve 'issues' of bad install or maybe if you got the Hughesnet KA band in an area too far north or on the wrong spotbeam designation(overlap of beam can cause an issue if you are put on the next door spotbeam that would be weaker than you actual proper beam).

Take pictures of the bad install for evidence that Xplornet and Sasktel would probably like( to cut costs on sending the installer back again and again).


Saskatchewans government was promoting 100% coverage and what use is 100% coverage if it don't work worth shit. http://www.gov.sk.ca/news?newsId=348...a-7ddbbc30cf4f

e mail the president of Sasktel.

The HN9000 units are only for one satellite(at this time). The spaceway3(KA band) of Hughesnet.

You could probably scare up an email contact or phone number for "John Maduri, Chief Executive Officer of Xplornet Communications", as well. I don't know if any of these are still accurate, http://barrettcorp.com/contact.asp

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