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Old 06-14-2011, 03:46 PM
wtbgoodinternet wtbgoodinternet is offline
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Default Sick of Rogers Portable Internet, Rocket Hub an option?

So, we've been using the Portable Internet service from Rogers for about a year now. Indoor modem, always has 4-5 lights. Most of the time the speed is decent (1.5Mbps, 60-70ms ping) but it will tank completely at random for ...well, random periods of time. And by 'tank' I mean that we can barely even browse the 'net, well over 2k latency, far slower than dial-up. The sort of speed that makes you walk away before you put your fist through a wall, basically.

I spent more hours than I care to remember on the phone with Rogers, going over the possibilities, running tests and emailing them logs and jumping through all their hoops. At the end of the day they had NO IDEA what was going on - the tower was working fine, they said, there were only a handful of people connected so it couldn't be congestion, etc. Since the problem is fairly intermittent I never bothered to pursue it further; we literally had no other options at the time, and anything is better than dial-up.

But now that the monthly rate for the rocket hub seems to have become more reasonable, the idea of the potential upgrade is really tempting. We both have Rogers cell phones and have never had any problem with the signal, always have 3-5 bars, never a dropped call. According to that handy map we're actually placed squarely between three towers, all of which offer 850/1900MHz.

The main thing I'm hoping for is something that's a bit more reliable when it comes to online gaming. I don't need amazing speed, but I do want consistent latency. It's awkward to go from 70ms to over 700ms without any warning, but even if the service was always 250ms I'd be happier than I am with what I have right now.

So based on that, is it worth going to a Rogers store and picking up a hub to try it out?
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Old 06-17-2011, 11:47 AM
wtbgoodinternet wtbgoodinternet is offline
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An update on the above:
tl;dr version is that NO, it was not worth it in my area (Campbellville).

Went to the Rogers store to ask about the return policy, and was assured that everything would be refunded 100% if returned within 15 days. So I picked the unit up and brought it home a couple of nights ago. Plugged it in, signal strength showed 'High' even in my main floor living room - good sign, right? Except when I switched over to its wireless network my speeds dropped even lower than what I was getting from the Portable Internet (0.05-0.25 Mb/s, ugh). Tried the hub in a few other locations in the house, to no avail. Always had high signal strength, but utterly useless connection speed. I took a look at the 3G stats, and found that the Quality (Ec/Io) was usually around -13 to -15. Ouch.

I checked a few more times through the evening, no change. After about 11pm the speed started to pick up, but the EC/Io never went much lower than -9 and the speed never got much higher than 1.5 Mb/s. Just in case there was a problem with the unit, I brought it in to work (Guelph) to test it out. Plugged it in, connected, easily got over 5 Mb/s during the work day (Ec/Io of about -5). After about 4pm it plummeted down to a little under 1 Mb/s (Ec/Io of about -11).

I'll be returning the hub today, and will update this thread if the promise of a 100% hassle-free return is not met. It's unfortunate that it didn't work out, because unless I'm missing something there's literally no other option in the area and I'm sick to death of unreliable internet. :/
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Old 06-23-2011, 08:10 AM
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Originally Posted by wtbgoodinternet View Post
According to that handy map we're actually placed squarely between three towers, all of which offer 850/1900MHz.
If you are "in the middle" of 3 rogers towers, you may have an issue of the towers always negotiating to handle your signal. One indicator of this would be your cell phone signal meter showing full bars, then for a split second no bars, and then back to full bars. If you're on voice call, you might not notice any interruption, but a data link would suffer big time...
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