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Old 06-09-2011, 08:00 PM
Superchief Superchief is offline
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Angry Worst Company Ever - They Really Suck

Can this company do anything right? I was recently out of service, while it did work at slower than dial up speeds and they told me that this did not count as they do not gurantee speed. First they tried to convince me it was my fault as there were trees in the way. This was in the middle of the winter when the trees were bare. The tech guy said he had a clear line of site after climbing my 70 ft tower. Then they tried to convince me it was my computer. All that being said when they did finally sent a technician out for the second time, the problem was a small connector belonging to their equipment worth about 29 cents. The tech guy said he had changed a few of these recently but they refuse to acknowledge that this is a problem.

Fast track a month or two and I now have another problem. I am taking an online coures through Ontario Learn. I could access the course the first two weeks although it was quite slow. Come week 3 I can't access this site unless I get up at 5:00 a.m. in the morning at which time I can gain access but it takes me twice as long as it should as it is running slower than dial up.
Ontario learn sent me an email outlining the problem and advising that they have had many other students who have had trouble taking their courses while using Xplonet. They actually got quite technical in their explanation. Xplornet once again when they could not solve the problem said it might be my computer. I have to admit the situation this time is really strange. All other sites were working without a problem, even the site where I take another online course not through Ontario Learn. Here is what I did to prove them wrong:
1) logged in through my laptop instead of my desktop and Ontario Learn site still would not work
2) tried it from a friends house who has high speed bell and it worked
3) purchased a galaxy tab - bell and and was advised if I had good cell phone service in my rural area then this form of high speed would work. I also updated my phone to the motorola atrix which gives me great coverage in my house. It works great and the best part was both were 100% returnable without cost if they did not work. The total cost should be the same per month or maybe a bit less depending on usuage. I don't even mind if it is more as long as I have dependable service. I tried Ontario Learn with this high speed system and guess what it works great on my computers that are apparently the cause of the problem according to Xplornet. THIS SYSTEM IS MUCH FASTER THAN XPLORNET. I can take it with me and as long as I have cell phone service I have internet service.

I have been with Xplornet for 2.5 years and the above is only some of the problems I have had with this company. If I could bill them for the countless hours I have spent on the phone with them attempting to fix the problems and being blamed for it, they would owe me several thousand dollars, as my income is really good. I really want to spend my time making money not losing it due to dealing with incompetent boobs and as a result of being without service.

Anyone else out there ever had this problem where they could not access one important site but the others worked? Ontario Learn did trace the problem back to Xplornets IP address. I am not techi at all but have been forced to learn techi things I have no interest in while dealing with these people.

My background is legal and at this point I feel like taking the "boobs" to small claims court and laying out the many things that have happened leading to a successful breach of contract law suit, with the end result being a recission of the contract and a refund of at least part of my money.

Boy are they in trouble when Bell high speed reaches the rural areas. They claim this is currently happening but can't say when they will get to my area except to say within the next year or two. Until then I will stay on the more expensive system with Bell. At least it works and is way faster.
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Old 06-11-2011, 10:21 AM
Brad R Brad R is offline
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Originally Posted by Superchief View Post
Ontario learn sent me an email outlining the problem and advising that they have had many other students who have had trouble taking their courses while using Xplonet. They actually got quite technical in their explanation.
Would you be willing to post that explanation here? It might help others who are having problems with Xplornet. And those of us who are technically-oriented might be able to interpret it.
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Old 06-11-2011, 01:02 PM
xplornetsuck xplornetsuck is offline
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If your interface to the course is via https(secure connection), some ISPs have been known to slow down encrypted connections to prevent(hahaha) filesharing. But it can screw up regular encrypted connections to 100% legitimate sites like banking, etc. And then add in any 'lag' and the encrypted connection gets even slower or times out.
Some ISP's just lumps all encrypted connections in to, "the user must be trying to hide their filesharing via encryption, so the user must be thwarted and doomed to dialup speeds when doing encryption that protects the users PRIVACY from DPI". Rogers DPI was or still is causing slowdowns on world of warcraft "accidentally" and the CRTC is/was being useless in making Rogers fix it within days, instead of within multiple months.

With the monitoring software(DPI) on the Xplornet system, they should be able to whitelist a site, but DPI is more for screwing people over for the supposedly fast connection they bought, without providing detail on all the sites that are throttled or 'almost' blocked.
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