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Old 06-09-2011, 02:21 AM
Percy Percy is offline
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Default more crap from xplornet

First of all, xplornet has been promising to fix the problem and has done absolutely nothing. Tomorrow I will tell them to come get their junk.

Rogers quoted me 350 KB(b). I found them to be honest. They told me that indeed they have 3 coverage for my area but it is not good. They said I should expect 2 G coverage and that the number for the service 350000. If I could get 1.5 MB(b) from them I would be satisfied. What I don't understand is how can wild rose offer 1,5 MB(b) when they run on Rogers/TELUS towers and these two cannot produce such numbers. I know TELUS can't because I have their 3 G stick and it's horrible. Yesterday and today I was at 3000 ( that's right 3000), the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen. It boggles the mind to see such junk.

You mentioned a 2G system that you were on ,do you have more specifics on that?

I will call Rogers again to see if I get any extras, would that increase the performance. I have read about the outdoor antenna, which I will get, but I wonder if I bought a more expensive hub will this increase speed too?

You would not happen to know about all the upgrade and their benefits?

It amaze me to see that these companies can sell a service that do not or rarely produce the numbers they claim. It is almost unbelievable that this is not regulated, this if plain and simple false advertising and I do not think you should pay for high speed when all you get ( at best) is dial up speed.

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Old 04-01-2013, 11:53 AM
Graham Fletcher Graham Fletcher is offline
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Originally Posted by Percy View Post
I just moved to a town called Warburg, Alberta. I've been trying to get high speed internet. I had two choices xplornet and wild rose internet.

These are the two packages I was looking at:

They told me they had a package that allows up to 3 Mb ( or MB), 55$ per month and unlimited usage. They told me I should have 80% of the speed 80% of the time. They also told me they use their own "patented" technologies, and that it uses a different frequency.

Question one:
Is this true: they have their own frequency and that it's better?

Wild rose told me that they have 1,5 Mb ( MB) , 70$ per month 20 G. They run off the cell phone towers. 1 year contract.

So I took xplornet

They installed the antenna on the 29 of April. They guy who installed it ( at my request) performed a speed test ( speedtest.net) on his lap top. I saw with my own eyes that he could continious stream a video and that the speed gave a the following result 2,4 Mb ( MB). He did this on his lap top. I did not have my PC at the time.

Question two: Is it possible that he " did something un kosher" to get that result? The guy acted a little weird when he did the test. He seemed nervous. At the time I didn't think much of it, but today I think he may well have know that his service is not what xplornet claims it is.

May 20th or so, I got my computer, the first days where OK ( speed wise), but then my internet speed dropped significantly. I called them up to fix this problem. They made me do all kinds of adjustments to my settings. It still did not work. The best I ever got was 70,000 B (b). So I cancelled on the 27 of the next month. The technical department, flat out told that since everything look good on their end, that they could do nothing. I am lucky enough to have cancelled within my 30 day period.

So here I am trying to find another internet provider.

I am looking at the Hub from Rogers and I am looking at wild rose internet

They tech department told me that my area had poor 3 G coverage, and that it had decent 2 G coverage. They said that the 2 G coverage would allow me 350 K B ( B).

Question three:
Is that enough to stream videos?

They also said that they had an antenna to put outside

Question four:
Would that make receiving a 3G signal better? Would it be enough to allow me to always use the 3G network and not the 2G?

So what would you guys do: Rogersí or Wild rose?
For those residents of Warburg who are fed up with the Internet services they are getting, check us out. We - The Internet Centre (oldest ISP in Alberta) - just launched our DSL service in Warburg. So all of Warburg can now get telephone line based high speed Internet - minimum seems to be 6 Mb/s one way and 1 Mb/s the other, and is working well. $50 for residential, $90 for business. Get the same service from us as you would experience in downtown Edmonton. Call toll free 1-888-450-6787 or visit http://www.incentre.net/ruraldsl.html
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