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Old 02-21-2011, 08:46 PM
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Default Best satellite internet to get? (newbie)

I need it for a remote cabin in bc canada where I will be doing mostly downloading and uploading about 500mb-600mb a day. I was thinking of going with galaxy broadband but all the start up costs are expensive and I read bad things happen if you go over your daily limit. Also I'm not really sure why xplornet is so bad?
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Old 02-21-2011, 10:22 PM
xplornetsuck xplornetsuck is offline
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Mod edit: New satellites are

Viasat1 http://www.xplornetsucks.com/forumss...splay.php?f=21

Echostar 17 http://www.xplornetsucks.com/forumss...splay.php?f=14

Check for offerings of unlimited overnight downloads(between certain hours where bandwidth use is not penalized) as ways to increase your usage for system critical updates or software downloads.

Be aware of penalties for exceeding your monthly quota and if that quota also includes uploads. Bandwidth monitored by the ISP may differ from your own bandwidth counter in a dd-wrt firmware enabled router. ISPs will deny their counter sucks crap when discrepancies are noticed

New high speed Satellites by early 2017:
Hughesnet: Echostar19.
ViaSat/Telesat: Viasat2.
They will cover most of North America.
Xplornet has once again bought all Canadian capacity from the satellite owners. Xplornet already owns all Canadian capacity on Echostar17 and Viasat1.

Anik F2 is scheduled for retirement around 2020+.

Same satellites, different resellers.
Galaxy broadband has their own support. I don't know how good or bad their support center is.
Xplornet has their own support. Xplornet may B.S. and blame the user first for speed problems, when the satellite is to blame. And Xplornet has cheaper install price if signing a 2 or 3 years contract(dependent on distance local installer has to travel as well).
Edit: With various government subsidies paid to Xplornet, newer satellite contracts are for 1 year at a low enough price. Overnight free downloads periods may be gone.

But depending on where your location is for Coverage in BC, by either than Anik F2(telesat), which may be sold out in BC,
or the SpaceWay3(hughesnet) http://www.hughesnet.com/ Southern third of BC coverage(rough northern limit is around Williams Lake). Alternative is KU band on various Hughesnet leased satellites(variable speeds, due to commercial accounts getting daytime priority at times and also transponder loading).
Hughesnet FAP policy. http://customercare.myhughesnet.com/fap_faqs.htm

Spot beam maps attached below... (hughesnet SpaceWay3 is the map with yellow on it).

You may need a business package(hughesnet, non-residential) for the amount of MB's per day that you want to do. The SpaceWay3 does have faster speeds and an overnight FAP free(major downloads time) time from 2am to 7am eastern time. But exceed your daily FAP limit and go to dialup type speed for 24 hours. But you may be able to buy a FAP restore token for $5 if you hit the FAP. And Hughesnet has a bandwidth meter(MB usage) via the modem interface(Anik F2 does not have a meter).

The Anik F2 has an 'hourly' FAP that varies with users online(top MB per hour listed on the package, that can be lower at primetime(5pm to about 10pm), and throttle will cut your speed(when you reach MB limit) until you stop heavy bandwidth activity. And 20GB limit per month. http://www.xplornetsucks.com/forums/...ead.php?t=1023

On the Anik F2 and Spaceway3, Pings of about 800ms and up, again depending on users online(more users, higher pings).

Uploads speed on the Anik F2 is about 150Kbps. Upload speed on the Spaceway3 is about 230Kbps. Speed on the New ViaSat 1(late 2011) roughly estimated at 2Mbps up and 10Mbps down(no speed packages published yet). The ViaSat 1 could be minimum of 650ms, which should allow for VOIP and VPN(estimated specs).

Various throttles on satellite to prevent or slowdown file sharing or slowdown digital locker sites(rapidshare type).

New ViaSat 1 satellite for residential, in maybe late December or January 2012(Hughesnet is still pushing for commercial usage by September, due to contract clause of millions of dollars in fines for being late in service). Launch in August 2011 sometime. http://www.xplornetsucks.com/forums/...splay.php?f=14
Upgrade cost, if current user is moving from one of the older satellites..... And as far as I know, only Xplornet will be reselling the ViaSat 1.

You could also check around for the rare Wireless(tower) provider too. Provided they can give you enough GB's per month.
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Old 02-26-2011, 11:01 PM
bogey1 bogey1 is offline
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my advice to check around and look for anything else besides satellite

then and only then, if satellite is the only solution left, would I EVER tell someone to go with satellite

satellite internet and the re-sellers like Xplornet have absolutely the worst customer service and they lie about everything except how much money you owe them

look around for cellular based internet solutions

anything, absolutely anything is better than dealing with those corporate evil doers that sell and support satellite like Xplornet

if you must get satellite, but the equipment outright and go for the shortest contract possible so that you can get out from under their jackboot if you get abused by them and when newer and better technology comes your way

satellite from xplornet is like cutting off your arm because your finger is bleeding
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Old 03-04-2011, 05:34 PM
Firedup Firedup is offline
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Important to realize sat internet has a huge lag. The ping is at best 650ms and usually closer to a full second. If you want to game... forget it. I find with work some systems drop out with out a reliable ping just confirming appointments or sending emails more than a few KB's.


xplornet, telsat, 1 Mbps package

myxplornet test speeds 90% of the time; 205 kbps down and 20kbps - 40kbps up. I have a 16yo in the house, we live in the FAP zone. 50,000kb and we are fapped. 10 Gb / month max

no alternative, no regulation, no one to complain to
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Old 03-06-2011, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by sudo View Post
I need it for a remote cabin in bc canada where I will be doing mostly downloading and uploading about 500mb-600mb a day. I was thinking of going with galaxy broadband but all the start up costs are expensive and I read bad things happen if you go over your daily limit. Also I'm not really sure why xplornet is so bad?
I'm assuming that satellite is your only option. I tell people that satellite is worse than everything except dialup, and I think that's still true.

I had Hughesnet Ku service from Galaxy Broadband for two years, then switched to Telesat Ka service from Xplornet for two years. (Now I'm on wireless Internet, so the dish is retired.) I liked the Telesat service better than the Hughesnet service. Both were about the same speed, but if you get FAPped on Xplornet your speed is only restricted for an hour, and it's usable but slow then. If you get FAPped on Hughesnet, your speed is restricted to sub-dialup speeds for 24 hours, and it's basically useless. If you're someplace where Internet service is essential, you don't want to get cut off for 24 hours.

The first time this happened to me was when Hughesnet, without warning, cut our daily limit from roughly 500 MB to 200 MB. So I got FAPped and shut down for a day. I protested the change in our contract terms, and was basically told "tough luck" by Galaxy, so I switched to Xplornet. The disadvantage of the Telesat service is there is no published FAP limit, and it varies during the day.

All that said, I found the customer service of Galaxy Broadband and Xplornet to be comparable when I had technical problems. In either case you need to get bumped up to level 2 or level 3 before you can get useful responses. And in either case they sometimes have to call the "real" provider (Hughesnet/Telesat) to solve your problem. I also found the two systems to have roughly the same reliability. (A lot depends on getting a good installer.)

Do note that Xplornet is a reseller for both Hughesnet and Telesat. You have to be careful which service you sign up for. As far as I know, Galaxy Broadband only resells the Hughesnet service.

For 500-600 MB a day, you'll almost certainly need a business package. And yes, gaming is going to be nearly impossible, and VoIP difficult at best.
4G Fixed Wireless Formerly Echostar 17 "Jupiter"; Rogers Rocket Hub; Everus 3.5 GHz Wireless; Telesat Kazam plan; HughesNet Ku.
A computer without Windows is like a chocolate cake without mustard. http://www.goodbyemicrosoft.net
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