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Old 07-10-2010, 09:58 AM
mgferris mgferris is offline
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Default My experience with Xplornet in the past year.

The Install:
I was lucky to find an company in Belleville who installed my Satellite setup for $150. They also explained to me ahead of time that Xplornet is only viable if no other service other than slow dial-up is available. They also explained to me the latency of satellite service. They explained to me that it's no good for gaming of streaming video because of the latency. So when I signed up I felt I was pretty well informed about the service. From what I read on this sight I think this is a problem with other installs as the customer is not TOTALLY informed ahead of the install the folks feel misinformed.

I signed up for 3 years through a special deal and received all my equipment for free. I am away out in the bush and could only get 28.8 dial-up so anything better was an improvement.

The Service:
All has gone very well in reality. I signed up for the basic $49.95 package on Telesat which actually cost $56 a month thanks to our new HST. The first 30 days passes without issue and I've been using it regularly.

My first issues started about 9 months after the install with frequent outages. I would Email Xplornet to complain about the outages but they won't respond to anything in writing. I have to call in. That way they can deny anything they say so I discovered. They also lie like a rug. I started asking for refunds for the outages... LOL.

- I was first told severe storms in Winnipeg "the up load site" caused the first outage. "As this is out of our control no credit".
- I was told that a failure of Ontario Hydro caused the next outage. "As this is out of our control no credit"
- I was told severe thunderstorms in MY area caused the next outage. "As this is out of our control no credit"
Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.

I have had a number of definitions of their FAPing policy. The one I find is the most accurate is that after arriving at your threshold you are throttled back to 10% of the top download speed you are paying for and this remains in effect until you leave the service for 60 minutes.

Would I recommend Xplornet Satellite service? Yes and No... as explained to me I could only recommend the service if there is absolutely no other alternative.

The Future:
As time goes by and more companies start to service the rural areas of Canada Xplornet will find itself in trouble as customers totally pissed off with the outages, the cost, the speed, the liars in support leave for other, more secure ISPs. So although it may take years Xplornet will face a huge problem: extinction... well except for those truly remote locations that no one else will service.
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Old 07-11-2010, 07:02 AM
AlC AlC is offline
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Default xplornet and Barrett

Have used the system in Nova Scotia fOR A YEAR. Just asked for a copy of my contract last week and was told I had signed up for a THREE YEARS. I asked for a copy of contract but told there is not a copy it is a virtual copy. The customer servive is terrible. These guys make BELL look good

Technology will put these guys out of business hopefully. IF YOU CAN DEAL WITH ANYONE ELSE DO IT. ONLY ONLY USE THESE GUYS AS AN ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT
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Old 08-04-2010, 06:39 PM
mgferris mgferris is offline
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Default Bell now offers highspeed service.. a comparison.

As I checked my mail today I saw that I had received a flyer announcing Bell's new high speed Internet service in our area to replace their pathetic 28.8 dialup.

Now I have to explain I live waayyy out in the country. Not much access to anything Internet. So I now have the choice of Xplornet, Bell's 28.8 dialup or their new highspeed Wireline service.

Here's their wonderful deal:
1) $150 plus tax to buy the modem.
2) $35 a month...
3) BUT.. the catch.. only 3GB download for that $35. Every GB over that is $15.

Sooooo.... if you download updates... Email... and movies.. (torrents) you could end up with a $200 bill EACH MONTH. They also throttle during peek times. The rep. I talked with didn't know if they restricted torrents but thought it likely.

Kinda makes good old Xplornet not look so bad....
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