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Old 12-21-2014, 09:42 PM
xplornetjoke xplornetjoke is offline
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Default Don't give up your old equipment

I am still on a plan with the old 3.5 wireless and it is unlimited business package, they do throttle the crap out of me and really throttle some sites, but I am not going to give it up for anything else Xploitnet has to offer as their plans weaken your ability to enjoy the internet for a full month every time they upgrade their packages, you will get faster speeds (yes) but less time, as in GB per month, highest (GB) package now is only 100 GB per month and I use that every week (I run a radio station and I am a gamer as well, also my kids are gamers and watch youtube and netflix as I do as well) So you can see the problem with 100 GB per month, One stinkin game update can be as high as 5 GB and we have a Lot of games, add that to the streaming netflix ( that I pay for too) and youtube, and moving my ripped CD's to a server elsewhere ) ohhh for sure we went way over 100GB that month...lol and would have to pay $2 a GIG after the 100GB, Oh man, I would be paying hundreds of dollars per month for this new service they run. I am not even including downloading and reading email or regular web browsing (it all adds up).
Xploitnet is now set up for people who only go to their email account or a little Facebook and that is all, because even Facebook is running so much in the background and uses a ton of data.
Seems all big internet companies in Canada are doing this capping crap, and it worries me, because we were all forced into this digital WWW world and we pay THE MOST for internet in the WORLD (especially Xploitnet customers) So when Canadians start giving up on the high cost and NOT using the internet, where does that leave Canadians in the digital world? Just as the MOVIE industry right? its gonna suck, why else do people try to get American Netflix, it is simply better and very competitive for the rest of the world.

I would like to Thank Xploitnet for ruining my digital WWW experiance due to throttling and very HIGH cost for nothing better than a modified dialup connection!!!

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Old 12-29-2014, 09:17 AM
dave_ca dave_ca is offline
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I think they will eventually retire the legacy platforms and then you will be forced to choose. When I had Xplornet, I had a hard time remaining within the 100gb limit and that was with crappy satellite internet. Hopefully they offer better packages in the future.
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Old 03-02-2015, 08:41 PM
Java Java is offline
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Bell just shut down their old Motorola tower beside Shomberg on Saturday night. (28th of February.)

I was a bit upset that they just turned it off out of nowhere but this basically forced us to go get the Xplornet 4G wireless which I'm a bit hyped for. But at the same time the Motorola equiptment was horrible with us. Many times we would spent hours with a ping of 3000+.

At least now I'm not under Bell's evil spell.
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Old 03-27-2015, 01:20 PM
Xkalibr Xkalibr is offline
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Default 175GB Limits

Xplornet now offers up to 175GB a month. I currently have the 10Mbit service with 100GB limit and I add another 75GB for an extra $15.00
The packages they offer are still way too expensive and the monthly limits are ridiculous but at least the 175GB gives a little more room to play with.
Also, my package is setup with Limited State, so I monitor my usage daily and when we hit the limit we are bumped down to 125kbit service, which is worse than dialup.
This allows us to at least use up every last gig without paying extreme overage fees.
Last summer when Xplornet started keeping track of usage I ended up paying a $280.00 bill for using over 650GB of bandwidth lol
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