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Old 06-09-2012, 06:04 PM
shelley748 shelley748 is offline
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Default Ripnet towers being closed down

Well we have just been given the wonderful news NOT- our Ripnet tower in Lyndhurst will be shut down and we will be forced tomove to Xplornet- nope not going to happen we are not signing any contract with them, we moved from them in the first place!

Also we were advised that Ripnet were given a bursary by the Governement of $128MM to buy out smaller internet companies- surely this is unfair practice?
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Old 06-09-2012, 07:18 PM
buttitchi buttitchi is offline
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There is so much 'closed door perks' done between the governments and Xplornet(and many other companies as well).
Simply stated as public money is being given to a private company, yet the public is banned from seeing any and all contract details on the transactions. That can lead to abuse of the customer when a company does not have to maintain(or publicly disclose) a minimum quality of service, per the subsidy.

This article is mentioning about how users can get a price cut on the install or cut on the monthly price. Some companies tend to advertise government subsidies by not telling the customer that the low cost install is via a tax payer subsidy. The WildBlue satellite Internet(ViaSat) company in the U.S. has areas that are advertised as a government subsidy for install/monthly service price cuts.
The company says ViaSat-1 has a capacity greater than all other existing North American broadband satellites combined.

Xplornet says it has purchased 100 per cent of the Canadian capacity within a certain range of spectrum for the satellite called the Ka band and will be using that entirely for rural broadband.

The Canadian government kicked in $28 million dollars to help the private company expand its rural broadband offerings.
Telecom analyst Eamon Hoey said even with the new satellite, rural broadband will continue to fall short.
"If people in a rural area think they can subscribe to the lowest service that Xplornet provides and have, you know, Netflix, and so on, it will be slow," he said. "It certainly will not be up to urban standards."
Math time. A Netflix movie at the lowest stream speed can be about 750MB's(3/4 of a GB)(not even mentioning the minimum stream speed), then add in daily or monthly bandwidth caps and primetime throttles and oh no's.

Alberta Government
Phase 2
Phase two is the proposed $900,000 partnership with Xplornet Communications to reduce the cost of accessing high-speed satellite Internet for rural Albertans in remote areas. The agreement would ensure residents do not pay distance charges for equipment installation and reduce Internet installation and activation fees by $50 for each household that signs up for service. A Notice of Proposed Procurement outlining the suggested partnership with Xplornet Communications will be available online this week.

A quick detail on Xplornets money. For the most part it has been private equity from New York, but there are also some government dealings that have an instant bias to any company that does not have a million dollars of liquid cash in it's bank account. The government waves our tax money in the air for bids on rural Internet expansions and then makes rules that keep out the companies already in those 'expansion' areas.
The news links in this thread are dead

Everus was doing an expansion and then their equity(financier) ran away and they went bankrupt and Xplornet got an instant customer base to eventually convert all the customers equipment and make them sign contracts for cheaper installs.

Eastern Ontario Regional Network and contracts with Xplornet to tie in new Xplornet towers to the fiber ring. Along with other companies. Even Bell has avoided putting wireline DSL to homes and the taxpayer ends up subsidizing Bell cell towers(money came from an unlawful VOIP expansion tax on MaBell landline phones(MaBell phone price could not be lowered to compete with VOIP in the first couple of years)).

Connecting Eastern Ontario to the World

Welcome to the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN).

The $170 million project is funded by federal, provincial and municipal governments and
private sector investment. Work to build a massive, 5,500-km fibre optic network is
already underway.

EORN will improve high-speed Internet access for more than one million residents of Eastern Ontario. It will improve quality of life and support innovation and economic growth in our region. High-speed Internet isn’t a luxury – it’s the cost of doing business in a global marketplace. Thanks to this project, Eastern Ontario will not be left behind.
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Old 06-09-2012, 07:38 PM
shelley748 shelley748 is offline
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Thanks for the information- we ditched Xplornet because we needed to run a VOIP phone and the service was so bad that we could not be heard by clients on the phone. So we swapped to Ripnet because it guaranteed the upload speed and imagine our horror in finding that Xplornet bought them out.

I am nervous of going with the Bell Hub/Stick because I read so many stories about overages and disputes....I know that EORN say that by Fall 2013 (we are in area 7B according to their map)




which means that we will get something in Fall 2013- I feel pressured by Ripnet to sign up for Xplornet and I am wondering if in fact Bell will have Fibre Optic in our road by then? or are we going tobe stuck with wireless?

If there is anyone on the forum who can assist that would be great thanks.

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Old 06-20-2012, 11:52 AM
babzog babzog is offline
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I told Rip(off)net to shove off and am signing on with Joe Computer out of Spencerville. the EORN locator shows my area being hooked up with "terrestrial" service in Fall 2013... I wonder what that means... DSL or wireless? And if wireless, does that mean xplodenet or will EORN be the new ISP in town?
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Old 07-30-2012, 02:15 PM
boy-you-know-who-it-is boy-you-know-who-it-is is offline
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EORN is not an ISP. It will most likely be Xplornet that EORN is referring to, like a 90% chance unless a smaller WISP is in the area that was awarded the contract however that is VERY unlikely. When they say "terrestrial" they mean "terrestrial wireless" which is what Xplornet's or RipNETs wireless service is.
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Old 08-18-2012, 12:55 PM
Snafu Snafu is offline
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Originally Posted by babzog View Post
I told Rip(off)net to shove off and am signing on with Joe Computer out of Spencerville. the EORN locator shows my area being hooked up with "terrestrial" service in Fall 2013... I wonder what that means... DSL or wireless? And if wireless, does that mean xplodenet or will EORN be the new ISP in town?
Storm Internet from Ottawa 'won' the bid for your area I think. Terrestrial can be either DSL or Wireless depending. Storm's an excellent provider IMHO.
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Old 10-03-2012, 07:59 PM
phishstik phishstik is offline
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I was a very satisfied customer of Ripnets, then got the email saying they are converting the system to "4G", and WOW I could get 100GB of data for only $5 extra on the plan! This email really just means that once your sign a contract, you are on Xplornets network.....

Well what good is 100G of data on Xplorenet? I never will GET speeds to even use that much data. PLUS it looks like they count uploads and downloads together as the usage as a whole.

I will tell my dad to stick with the old style ripnet antenna until they physically shut it down, then tell Xplorenet to shove it.
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