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Old 06-13-2012, 02:48 PM
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Default Spaceway 3 had an 'issue' (june 13 2012)

The Spaceway 3 of Hughesnet had some issue early today.
A generalized guess would be a software issue on the satellite or the main NOC or that swarm of space pixies that buzzed the Earth this morning.


10:15am Wednesday, June 13, 2012 –
We currently have a service degradation on the Spaceway platform. Engineers are investigating and we will provide updates as information is available.
HughesNet Service Update – 6/13/2012-12:30 pm ET
Our engineers have successfully isolated the issue and have begun restoring service.
Thank you for your patience.

October 6 2011, the Anik F2 had a software update that failed and caused the satellite to go into 'safe mode', resulting in 12 to 24 hours of no service for it's users on the various communications platforms it carries.

Add link to when the Spaceway 3 went out 3 months ago:

This link
is for the concerned people about why 2 major issues on a 5 year old satellite within 3 months...... '12 year estimated life span'. http://www.hughes.com/ProductsAndTec.../Benefits.aspx

C0RR0SIVE 18 hours ago
Sarah, that was the second time in less than 6 months that the Satelite has gone a bit crazy... Is it actually nearing EOL(end of life) for "unknown" reasons? Or would that be bad press for HN to admit?
Sara for Hughes (Official Rep) 19 hours ago
Yesterday’s service problem was determined to be caused by a non-responsive network component. Engineering identified the problem, reset the component and traffic returned to normal.
It was also discussed that if necessary we address the EOL (end of life) claims ... we still have a good 10 years on the satellite. This is not and EOL issue.

Spaceway 3 and solar storm knocked it out? on March 13 2012.
But people are saying it was a ground based problem... Carry on. Nothing to see here.

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