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Old 05-15-2012, 05:28 PM
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Default Rough map for Echostar17/Spaceway3 combo

echostar 17 , spot beam coverage map.

PDF link: Echostar17(Jupiter1) and Spaceway3 combined coverage(U.S. based map).
Image attached.

Edit: A PDF reader that is not Adobe bloatware. http://www.foxitsoftware.com/Secure_PDF_Reader/
During install: uncheck some stuff(asktoolbar and default search blablabla, and browser add-on). Interestingly enough, is the 'browser toolbar add-on' will be in your 'add/remove programs' list, but not in your browser, so uninstall that B.S..

With Hughesnet's new satellite launch, North America coverage shall be similar to the current ViaSat company 'Viasat1 combined with the Telesat AnikF2' coverage. (Viasat's company Wildblue also has Wildblue1 and a few beams on a Echostar TV satellite). New high throughput satellites are aimed at rural higher population areas.
In 3 to 4 years from the current high throughput satellites launches, there may be a 'high throughput version 2 satellite' with possibly a full North America beam pattern(well, mainly a America full spot beampattern).

Hughesnet Echostar17(Jupiter1) predicted beam map:

both links below are fairly the same.



Roughly 1.2 million home users are on the Internet satellites in North America(U.S./Canada). Canada around 100,000?. The U.S. Wildblue and Hughesnet are about 50/50 for the rest(plus whatever other companies are still left doing residential satellite Internet).

To access your modem control center:
Canada's hughesnet 'turbo page' 'accelerator'(proxy cache)

hn7000 series.
Then click TurboPage > Control > Enable/Reset and hit the Disable radio button then ok.

A hughesnet page for the HT1000 access url.
Try and disable the Web Accelration/Turbo Page feature to see if it helps you any. Could be that there just is too much latency for such a game as it requires very low latency.

1: Go to www.systemcontrolcenter.com
2: To the right of System Information you will see an italics i in white, with a slightly off-white white around it - very hard for some to see this icon, but click that
3: Click on Web Acceleration
4: Click Control
5: Place a check in the "Disable Web Acceleration" box
6: Click submit
Attached Images
File Type: jpg spaceway3 Jupiter1(echostar17) beam maps.jpg (233.5 KB, 5 views)

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