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Old 12-24-2010, 10:57 PM
tvman tvman is offline
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Default How do i get out of Sasktel by Xplornet contract?

I have a 3 year contract $$$ wise at $75/month but I never actually signed any contract. If there's no proof that I signed a contract should I be able to easily get out of it? But if they tell me that I agreed to the contract (which I never signed) what are my options? I want to switch to a mobile data plan thru sasktel ($75/mo unlimited data). Anybody had any success cutting a deal with sasktel/xplornet to get out of their contract?
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Old 01-19-2011, 10:54 AM
SheepRancher SheepRancher is offline
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Good luck cutting a deal with Sasktel on this one. Just been through the whole thing and will wait now till the contract gets closer to finishing. We have a 3G tower here now and want to switch to that for better internet.
The Sasktel unlimited/limited data plan is actually set at 7 GB per month - read the fine print. Plus you have the monthly system admin. fee ($6.25) with the Sasktel 3G modem as well. Take a look at the Telus options too as they work anywhere you can get a signal - may have a better plan there. Not signing a contract does not mean much if they have approval to debit your account to pay the Sasktel bill...


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Old 04-26-2011, 06:26 PM
Amber Amber is offline
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Question When is "unlimited" not really "unlimited"? Really, Sasktel?

Hey there Tvman,

As a fellow SK resident, I was wondering how you were doing with this. We're still totally baffled by the whole wireless technology thing, since the cell phone and internet plans are so complicated. Between phones and internet, though, we're paying about $300/month total and we're kind of sick of that. We also want to have some kind of internet stick for a 6 week vacation in the U.S. next winter, sans the stupid roaming charges. Thus far, Rogers is looking promising, and they are marketing aggressively just across the border from us (in Swan River, Manitoba). We're taking a serious look, as well as keeping an eye on Telus, coming in from the west. I think Sasktel is going to have to start working a little harder to keep us from now on.

End of rant.

I was looking over the various plans and options for us, both at home and on the road, and on the Sasktel site, I saw this:

Fair Usage Policy: In order to ensure an optimal network experience for all customers, SaskTel reserves the right to reduce data speeds on all Unlimited Data Plans for any customer who exceeds 10 GB of usage during a single bill cycle.
Uh huh...Unlimited, eh? Here's the link (click on the Terms and Conditions tab):


Note that there's no information provided re how much data speeds will be reduced or for how long.

I see the simple little stick is no longer to be found on the site, and now they're promo'ing this comparative behemoth:


A 4 g device, but we don't have 4 g service here. No mention of 3 g anywhere on the Sasktel site, so what gives there?

I spoke to a very nice Rogers rep this afternoon, and he says the customers are so confused they don't know what to do, but agreements are being signed for mutual usage of infrastructure, so that ought to put an end to a bit of nonsense, anyway. And by about mid summer, we just may be having some serious discussions with Rogers, although that doesn't get us out of our Sasktel/Xplornet contract...

P.S. Re the U.S. trip....hubby says why couldn't we just buy a prepaid mobile internet stick when we're in the U.S.? Sounds like a plan, hehe!

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