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Old 05-17-2007, 05:52 PM
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Thumbs up Some various satellite information.

Note this thread needs to be fully updated.

Throttling rules of Xplornet.

"Satellite Internet. For basic web page surfing and email". That seems to be the bottom line. Some people are able to make other things work, but with some frustration.


Number one is, do not sign a 3 year satellite contract with Xplornet/Telesat. Just pay the $199 no contract fee, if you still want to go with them. Then if the service is no good for you after the 30 day guarantee, or in a few months, or another provider shows up, You have a quick way out. And just get left with an expensive bird feeder.
EDIT:: Nov 14 2008. Xplornet sure wants you to sign a 3 year contract.. When you sign a 3/2/1 year contract, a $99 one-time system access fee will appear on your first invoice; no contract option, the system access fee is $299. $99 Basic Installation offer applies to a 3 year contract. 2 year, $199. 1 year/no contract, dealer discretion
Contact information for Xplornets parent company exec's.

Scott Mazerall. Customer Affairs Liaison ScottMa@Barrettxplore.com

Allison Lenehan. Chief Marketing Officer allisonl@barrettxplore.com

John Maduri - CEO Barrett Xplore johnm@barrettxplore.com Tel: 403-807-8000

Malcolm Barrett - Chairman Emeritus macb@barrettcorp.com Tel: 506-328-1221

Bill Barrett - Co-Chief Executive Officer billb@barrettcorp.com Tel: 506-328-1212

Ed Barrett - Co-Chief Executive Officer edb@barrettcorp.com Tel: 506-328-1224

Harold Reiter - President Barrett Corporation haroldr@barrettcorp.com Tel: 905-792-6053

Eddie Drganc - Vice President Customer Care
506-324-6689 EddieD@barrettxplore.com

• Billing inquiries - billing@xplornet.com

Contact information for your federal government leaders.

Contact information for a new Canadian Government Telecommunications Complaints site. Kind of like the BBB.
The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services

Contact information for Telesat, satellite internet provider for Xplornet(re-seller of satellite service).

And the CRTC to just get the complaint numbers up in their files. Even though they do not care.

Contact the "Ad Standards Code".

Competition Bureau. Or false/mis-leading Advertising, etc.

Is your new service 'good for 30 days'(Of the guarantee) and then speeds drop off after that? A recurring pattern that is reported from some users. Everyone is a small program on the server with settings for top speed, as well as bottom speed.

And even go after your Xplornet dealer. He knows all about the speeds on the satellite or wireless areas. Charge him with fraud for providing you a product that has many known bandwidth restrictions, without telling you all about the speeds expected 24/7. . .If a car dealer sells you a car thats been underwater and does not tell you that he knows it was underwater? That is an automatic trip to court for fraud.

Cancellation form.
Then the link has a PDF to download and print..And Fax.


Link to pics of a faulty dis-assembled TRIA(part at the end of the dish.)They are up to the third generation of design to try and seal out water penetration leading to TRIA failure.

Link to the CSA (canadian standards association).



Meanwhile check out DSLreports.com satellite reviews...
Click on "show satellite" and go...It blends Canada and the States..
Wildblue is also on the Anik F2 that Xplornets uses....And the new lower FAP policy of Hughesnet is, if you hit the top limit,,,Dialup speeds for up to 24 hours..


But Cellular internet may kill a good part of the satellite industry within two years..
If you have a cell tower close enough that has been upgraded for the new systems..


FAP policy on Xplornet Telesat KA band? Floats.... But can you get tech support to tell you what the current FAP limit per hour is? Could be 24 megs or 36 megs or ??????? FAP resets every hour.
No FAP from about midnight to 5am.


Anyone have any links to just how many subscribers from each internet access company, is on each satellite? (Make a new thread)..Wildblue has about 130,000 on the Anik F2..And now Wildblue has their own satellite,, Wildblue1. EDIT Nov 13 2008 WildBlue boasts about 360,000 subscriptions total..
Heres one old one..Numbers would seem to indicate that the KA bandwidth is full now on the Anik F2..
Quote"""Anik F2 has 45 Ka-band spot beams, 15 of which are reserved for Telesat's broadband service. After removing what is reserved for the Canadian government, Telesat's commercial Ka-band capacity on Anik F2 will allow 150,000 subscribers to hook up to the satellite. That figure will drop to around 115,000 depending on the number of high-end users signing on for higher-bandwidth service."""..Unquote




And a government PDF on the whole satellite internet thing....


Map of Anik F2 spotbeams..


Anik F3 info(covering beam 19 closure on the Anik F2). Giving a part of Ontario and Quebec new internet bandwidth for what was reported to be over crowded on the Anik F2 before the launch of the Anik F3.
Beam 6 in Alberta is closed to new installs, due to being full(according to some posts)..
And another update, from a post, ""Anik F3 is covering F2's beam 28 (my beam) as well. My local installer told me he can't put any more customers on F2; new installs go on F3."" Anik F3 only has two KA band beams on it..Telesats satellite map is not updated to this view yet.


Spaceway3 KA band satellite of Hughesnet, Now(June 11 2008) being re-sold by Xplornet and Galaxy Broadband in Canada..

Would be nice if Xplornet had this on their main site..But if they told you this before signing up, you may not bother with the service that they do not guarantee will work.

Telesat Carrier "B" has most ports blocked - setup mostly for surfing and e-mail
Telesat Carrier "A" is mostly wide open - For gaming(except for lag times of course), restricted p2p, and VOIP ,etc.

EDIT:: Oct 8 2008:: Posts indicate that Xplornets VOIP client works on DAMA carrier 'B'.
Internet phone. Posts indicate this company can deliver a VOIP that works on either carrier. As Comamigo can tweak the connection to work quite well.

Update. VOIP of the Xplornet brand, may be the only VOIP to use one day, if Xplornet can get it to work with DAMA. So if Carrier 'A' gets DAMA, and you are not alerted by phone or email to that change...No more contract. (System changes must be notified to the users with a 30 day warning. And none of that Xplornets main webpage B.S. notification. A Judge will agree that you can not be held to having to check the website everyday for any changes to contracts or announcements). And kiss all the other things goodbye, like gaming, etc. And the ping time will increase.



Viasat's way to get even more users on the system.
Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) is a technology used to assign a bandwidth to clients that don't need to use it constantly. DAMA systems assign communication channels or circuits based on requests issued from user terminals to a network control system. When the circuit is no longer in use, the channels are then returned to the central pool for reuse by others.

Cellular internet, antenna hack.

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Old 09-24-2007, 12:10 AM
xplornetsuck xplornetsuck is offline
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EDIT: Oct 8 2008.
An interesting note about satellite Internet and WildBlue and maybe even Hughesnet in the States. Some reviews on various forums, the user will point out that their service just stops. The modem is still communicating with the satellite and NOC, but the unit will not allow use of it. So the user calls up the service provider and they waste a half hour of time, at which point the call support worker 'suggests' that an installer come out to repair/service the unit at a minimum of $95. But the charge can go higher if the installer starts replacing 'defective' parts. But usually this 'service' call request happens more when users are outside of any warranty period. . Some users will say no to the service call and within a day(or within the hour) their unit will start working again with no problems for a long time. . . .Is it a scam? Or did something on their unit malfunction? Or did someone hit a switch on the users account? A very interesting discussion going on in various Internet posts.... One excuse may be that on closed Spot Beams, the Internet provider is looking to keep their installers happy with jobs for money. As some installers have complained of hardly working, other than on service calls and then looking to move in to a different line of work to pay the bills.

A new KA band satellite Anik G1 will be launched in 2011 at the earliest.. This will be a higher capacity satellite. The Anik F2 is apparently a 'test' KA band satellite which can not keep up with capacity demands. Even the Wildblue1 for the United States can not keep up with capacity and demand.
EDIT Oct 21 2008::: http://www.viasat.com/broadband-sate...works/viasat-1
This new satellite Which should be the AnikG1
EDIT: http://www.spacenews.com/satellite_t...uild-anik.html AnikG1 is it's own satellite to be placed next to the AnikF1r. http://www.spacenews.com/satellite_t...uild-anik.html
Expressing the gains in terms of service levels, median DSL speed in the U.S. is 768 kbps and median cable speed is much faster, at about 4.5 Mbps. ViaSat-1 will let distributors price a basic service at 2 Mbps compared to 512 kbps now, raising satellite to about the 80th percentile of DSL. Premium plans would easily surpass the best DSL service, and put satellite well above the current median for cable.
But what are they going to do for pricing between the old satellites and the new one in 2011??? Gouge the customer?


Heres a link to the Wildblue owned forums. And yes. People are actually posting about bad service or slow speeds and not having the post deleted. Good for Wildblue in that regard.

Anik F2 and Wildblue1 are Wildblues satellite service connection.


Internet phone. Posts indicate this company can deliver a VOIP that works on either carrier. As Comamigo can tweak the connection to work quite well.


If you hover over your little computer icon in the bottom right of the window of your desktop. The number that displays is your top 'Ethernet Port' speed(100.0 Mbps) and not the speed of your Internet connection. You need to go to a speed test site to see your Internet speeds.


Cellular internet...And there is a limit to unlimited plans...
Rogers Portable Internet. Subject to slowly expanding areas....

Bell portable internet. Subject to slowly expanding areas....

************************************************** *

Spaceway 3 By Hughes communications... EDIT: Nov 13 2008 Hughes serves some 420,00 households in 50 states. KU band and KA band.

WildBlue1 having capacity problems. (ground routers) as the new satellite was supposed to support many new users.

************************************************** ***
Xplornet level two support 18668416004 .

The Below sites for satellite speedtest . Jan 28 2009. Note that these sites are showing 'normal' speeds when real Internet based sites are showing your 'actual' speeds. But you bought a connection to the Internet, right? And not just the Xplornet/Telesat server.
Telesats test site for satellite users (won't show up for anyone else.) Is Java based.
Edit: Apparently a new Xplornet speedtest site and the old ones are now dead.
************************************************** ***

Alternate DNS router settings. Put in your router or computer.



A link on how to set a static ip behind your router for various operating systems..



A northern, Telesat KA band Satellite re-seller, Netkaster....
. . Netkasters FAP policy is more written as a 'Telesat' FAP policy...But is a bit more clear on what will get you FAPped.
Xplornets FAP link.
Just forget about "unleash the power of the online world, on your terms" part in Xplornets Advertising.

Netkaster Fair Access Policy

Benefits and Privileges. This Acceptable Use and Fair Access Policy (the “Policy”) governs the use of Telesat Canada’s (“Telesat”) satellite provided Ka-band high-speed internet service (the “Service”).

And the interesting part......Spelled out much better than Xplornets version..Now if Xplornet had this printed somewhere, How many people would ask many more questions before purchase..

11. Excessive Consumption. In order to ensure fair access to the Service by all users, and to protect the integrity of the Service, Telesat shall be entitled to take steps to prevent improper or excessive consumption of Service bandwidth by users of the Service. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Telesat reserves the right: (1) to limit throughput rates of certain bandwidth-intensive activities such as, but not limited to, audio and video streaming, and automatic file exchange applications; (2) to discontinue the provision of the Service via specific ports or communication protocols; and/or (3) increase or decrease the relative priority of any or all traffic flows.


Hughesnet users may need to change default address of their router As the Hughesnet modem uses


Hughesnet Executive Customer Care

U.S. based. And users in the U.S. are getting fairly good results, as in canceled service contracts or free transfer onto the spaceway3 from KU bands.


Heres a 'short'(1.45megs) Youtube video of the 5 stages of a customers experience.
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, And Acceptance?(over my dead body).


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