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Old 11-25-2008, 11:04 PM
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Arrow Fix it Forum.

Have a quirk in your computer and can't figure it out? Post a question and see if someone can answer it.

Simple questions like....

Remember Bonzai Buddy? (And how annoying it was?)

Why are the smilies that I downloaded, slowing down my system?(FunWebProducts)..Then again,,,I didn't download them..Damn kids.

Why do I suddenly have the Ask.com ToolBar and my home page has changed????? Due to the fact that some products and sometimes with their updates, install these, unless you read the installer and uncheck them... Very scummy...

Why is the freeware or popup that looks like Windows XP or Vista security center nagging me to pay $50 to remove an infection? (That does not exist, cause they are infections).
And the newest version of this scam..

I went to a site and my browser minimized and up popped a window saying it was scanning my system? Then found some infections? And then wanted money to remove those infections? (FAKE/SCAM). But there are some malicious windows that will try to infect just by using the 'X'. So you can go to the 'task manager' and then right click FireFox.exe/Iexplore.exe(Not windows Explorer)/Etc.. to shut it down there. (Right click over your clock and then find the browser 'Process' and right click 'end process and then click the little popup to terminate).
Javascript is how windows are resized by websites.
Heres a news item on two companies being investigated for this stuff..

Hey I saw an ad on TV that promised to clean and speed up my computer!!! Well........ It also installs Spyware and other things. And it may actually remove some stuff, but it may also mess up your system with it.. Or it finds things that don't exist and then demands payment to remove 'found' things....

A site that i always go to, one day, said it needed to download an 'ActiveX control' to view content. And the site never needed a ActiveX control before..... Well.... You are already infected with a Virus, that is just using a website, as an excuse to fool you into downloading a ActiveX control to properly take over your system.. And the best part is,,, You are helping it take over your system. Oh the fun you are going to have as your computer turns in to a 'Bot' and does all sorts of things on the Internet... Oh, and the Infection may pretend it is Symantecs Norton anti-virus as well, to display that needed ActiveX control message..

I signed up for a social networking site and it asked for the password to my email account.. And I gave it to them. So now all my friends in my email address book are getting spammed by the site. Why?? Well you gave out the password to your email account, So of course the site is going to access your address book in it to send out spam, as opposed to just a single, friendly offer to join the site, as what was said to be the reason for needing the password in the first place.

Sagipsul Pop Ups. Another nasty infection.

Is Linux the cure for all the webs ails? Yes and no. It's all in how you treat the online world. If you run windows and click on the popup that says it needs to install a 'codec'
to view content, then you may get infected. Thats an old scam on the porn sites.

Got an old computer? Lost or never created the Windows recovery discs? Vista just won't run on it? Tired of the kids downloading every bit of Windows crapware out there? Put Linux on it.
http://www.ubuntu.com/ Is one I am using on a old machine. If you add a cheap, newer used graphics card, you can speed up rendering of graphics.... Runs decent on it, using only about 250MB of memory out of 512MB. Is nice for mainly surfing and emails and webpage games.
You can run some Windows programs if you install 'WINE', A compatibility layer program. I have not tried it yet..
Ubuntu is a download of abouts 698MB for the CD and then maybe another 140MB for the initial updates.. Plus also a 'add/remove' section to get a firewall running via 'FireStarter' and other helpful programs.....
And a note with Ubuntu.... Change the update server to Ubuntu.com . Some mirror servers in Canada(and some other countries) are slow or keep cutting out on the download..
Other Linux distributions...
Many forums on Linux to make sure you don't mess things up, as you will have to actually 'think' a little bit more than Windows .
Or even a more lean Ubuntu is Xubuntu. http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/xubuntu

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