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Old 12-16-2016, 06:54 PM
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Arrow Copyright Troll charged with extortion

In the great news today department, the operators of Prenda have been arrested, charged with fraud and extortion.
What copyright troll wants to be next? The legal system is tired of unethical lawyers and companies who are out to earn a buck or millions, by falsifying legal documents, in order to entrap people.
[sadly though: rarely applicable to police and the prosecutor, who would rather not tell you what they faked to convict sweet innocent you, by using the criminal act of 'parallel construction' (illegally gathered or planted evidence to fit the charges) ]

To repeat: Never respond to a notice of copyright infringement that your ISP forwards to you. If you do not respond, you are anonymous. If you respond, you're an idiot, who is easily manipulated by illegal threats.

For years Prenda Law extracted millions of dollars in cash settlements from alleged BitTorrent pirates, leaving misery in its wake. While the firm no longer exists, two of its principals have now been arrested. The duo have been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud, money laundering, and perjury. Interestingly, The Pirate Bay plays a key role in the case.
According to the indictment, the defendants earned millions of dollars in copyright lawsuit settlements from the public, by deceiving state and federal courts all over the country.

“In order to carry out the scheme, the defendants used sham entities to obtain copyrights to pornographic movies-some of which they filmed themselves – and then uploaded those movies to file-sharing websites in order to lure people to download the movies,” the indictment reads.

Through various companies, the goal of the conspiracy was to obtain the identities of alleged file-sharers of their pornographic films. As is common in these cases, that was achieved by obtaining a subpoena to compel ISPs to hand over personal details of subscribers.

This info was then used to extort the accused file-sharers, the Department of Justice alleges.
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