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Old 10-03-2016, 08:00 PM
buttitchi buttitchi is offline
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Default Anik F2 glitches again oct 2016

The Anik F2 in the past had a major event in 2011 when it went into safe mode.
The upcoming replacement for it????? Without searching for to see if there is a dedicated satellite in the works, Viasat/Telesat and Hughesnet new satellites launching in early 2017 should provide coverage, dependent on northern communities making deals for capacity on their communications infrastructure, while keeping reseller Xplornet out of the way.

Sunday October 2 2016
The Telesat Anik F2 satellite cut out around 5 p.m. ET Sunday. That knocked out internet in most of Nunavut as well as in seven communities in the N.W.T. and Old Crow in Yukon.
A 'technical anomaly'

In a statement, Northwestel said the satellite, which helps provide cellphone and internet service to communities across the North, experienced a "technical anomaly" that resulted in loss of services.

The satellite in question was Ottawa-based Telesat’s Anik F2, which first went online in 2004 and has a coverage area spanning Canada’s northernmost tip down to the southern US. Most places in North America don’t totally depend on Anik F2 for an internet connection, and have landlines as well as other satellites—even some of Telesat’s—to fall back on if one piece of equipment goes offline.[/i]
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Old 10-16-2016, 04:29 PM
Brad R Brad R is offline
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Hmmm. As I recall, when we were using Telesat's Kazam plan, that was through Anik F2. I guess we're lucky to have upgraded since.

Sounds like some of our Shaw Direct channels were also affected, but we were out of town that day, so we didn't notice.
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Old 10-19-2016, 07:30 AM
dave_ca dave_ca is offline
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For the sake of our northern communities I hope a replacement is ready before it finally fails completely.
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