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Old 03-22-2016, 03:34 PM
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Arrow Bell Deferral Accounts (2010-/2015/2016)

Something to check into if your area might still be eligible for high speed internet through Bell 'Deferral Accounts' on cellular or DSL. Deferral Accounts, also known as: illegal tax to allow the Cableco new VOIP product to prosper without Telco price competition. If the time to get your perks has passed, file a complaint/charges anyway. Not being pro-actively notified by Bell of a decision/qualification, is grounds for complaint. Being told you had to find all the details yourself, buried in fine print on a poster in the middle of the sewage lagoon, is bullshit.

When you file a complaint to CRTC/government and Bell says you are served by one of their internet products, but you aren't. Easily prove you are not served, to show the CRTC how wrong their coverage maps are. 1 bar of cellular signal on a good day, measured from your roof, can not be considered being served. Bell stating your are served by their DSL and you aren't (or the speed is below 4Mbps, or highly unstable) is not being fully served.

This person has made it a campaign to sort out the mess in the Eastern Ontario Warden Caucus (EORN).

Specifically referring on this post, where a person who was entitled to high speed internet through Bell, finally got a somewhat reliable DSL service.
Anthony didn't know anything about the Deferral Accounts, and had complained to Bell many times about inability to get both wireless or DSL service. Unfortunately Bell didn't bother to disclose to him that he was entitled to services (as Bell received about $4800 to serve his residence).

More details from the CRTC for persons with disabilities.

Bell's version of the Deferral account rebate program.

Article on how Bell shunted their responsibilities.
CRTC Chair Len Katz called out Bell Canada and Bell Aliant yesterday for failing to extend broadband to dozens of rural communities across the country as required by a 2010 decision. Katz noted that in August 2010 the Commission directed the large phone companies to spend over $420 million from their deferral accounts on extending broadband to hundreds of rural communities. While MTS Allstream and Telus appear to be on track, Bell Canada is not.

You too can campaign against Xplornet and all that free taxpayer money they got for serving certain areas. Spend time digging into the CRTC and government. Even if you get stuck with Xplornet for service, see if there was any 'quality of service' conditions to the free money and if there is, for how many years. If the politician who gave the money out put zero conditions on the money for service, campaign against them, on the charges of fraud, corruption, and incompetence.
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Old 01-28-2017, 10:17 AM
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Where can we find the deferral maps?? I think our CO is SLKRON29 which is listed in CRTC 2007-50 deferral notice. We cant get Xplornet because its full up with a no sell on the tower (what a JOKE) Bell or Rogers Hubs @ 160.00++ bucks a month.
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Old 01-28-2017, 12:53 PM
buttitchi buttitchi is offline
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Bell Wireless 5. A hidden plan so people don't try to buy it.

On DSLReports, a user named BellDeferral has been fighting Bell's non-compliance for some time. https://www.dslreports.com/ You would have to register there and be a member for a short time (or it may be instant) in order to private message them. Anon's can post too https://www.dslreports.com/forum/canbroadband but posts will be moderated first.

This Blogger poster https://adnetinalgoma.blogspot.ca/ you may be able to comment/contact using your Google account.

Vianet, has gotten some funding for fibre to the home for rural King Township http://kingsentinel.com/?p=8675

A company named YourLink (Vecima Networks inc) has been liquidating parts of the company. Xplornet bought their Saskatchewan portion. Telus bought the BC portion.

Telus Smarthub for BC and Alberta http://www.xplornetsucks.com/forumss...ead.php?t=1658 Telus tries very hard to not oversell the towers. Some areas may already have a stop sell.
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