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Old 07-03-2015, 02:16 PM
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Angry Xplornet gets $8.4 million for Muskoka region expansion(july 2015)

Federal Taxpayer funding of $8.4 million to Xplornet.
Completion date for two projects is June 2017.

Will the politicians who gave this taxpayer funding to Xplornet, take any responsibility for when Xplornet over-subscribes capacity?
Will they gladly head off to prison on conviction of theft of taxpayer funds that were meant for real high speed internet? If the monopoly provider can't keep consistently fast speeds, kick them to the curb and take the money back.
Is the contract 100% open, so everyone can see if there are any actual minimum speed conditions?(Xplornet guarantees 100Kbps). Along with legal system punishments against Xplornet for not providing at minimum 5Mbps download(definition of broadband in Canada), any protocol, 24/7.

MUSKOKA - Parry Sound-Muskoka MP Tony Clement today announced a major investment that will bring high-speed, wireless Internet services to 37,900 more rural homes across Northeastern Ontario, including 3,740 households in Parry Sound-Muskoka.

June 19 2015
NIPISSING – The government is going all in on high-speed internet with announcement out of MP Jay Aspin’s office on Friday of $9 million being spent to bring the service to 2,100 homes in the region.

Funding for the project is coming out of the federal government’s $305 million Connecting Canadians program with the money being split into three different contracts to service rural areas. NorthernTel has been awarded $548,000 for broadband internet in the Temagami region and Xplornet is receiving $5.3 million in one contract and $3.2 million in another to “improve broadband throughout Nipissing-Timiskaming and Parry Sound regions.”

Aspin’s announcement adds up to more than $4,200 per household reached being spent by the federal government.

Xplornet and more Taxpayer provided corporate welfare

Xplornet's throttling practices sure could use a CRTC review. Congestion throttles are good for network management, but throttling certain protocols during times of non-congestion, is a pain for those that thought they bought a connection to all things internet.
Status Report - Complaints Related to Internet Traffic Management Practices (ITMPs). Information updated as of 31 March 2015. The CRTC received 53 ITMP complaints during the past year.
How to Make a Complaint about your Internet Service
Prohibited traffic management practices

Unless your service provider has received prior approval from the CRTC, it may not use traffic management practices that do any of the following:

Block the delivery of content to you
Noticeably degrade time-sensitive Internet traffic
Slow non-time-sensitive traffic to the extent that it amounts to blocking the content
Hi Diddly Ho, Good Neighborino

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