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Old 09-21-2014, 10:24 PM
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Default Xplornet does not like competition (Sept 2014)

News from early 2013

Xplornets much hated technological entity, Michael Geist, points out: Why does Xplornet not like competition against them in rural areas? Michael does have a few haters in the corporate world who don't like it when he points out the obvious facts.

An interesting read.

Xplornet Communications has been extremely aggressive in their marketing to sell high speed service in our area with flyers in the mail as well as door-to-door literature drop-offs. However, due to topography and trees in our area, we are unable to “see” any of their towers, so even their service in unavailable to us. It seems ironic to hear of their admonishment to the Standing Committee against the government’s support to help areas like ours achieve what most Canadians take for granted, i.e., access to high speed internet.
Take note that any commercial company can put up a communications tower, provided it is below a certain height, without needing to pull complicated permits. This results in the users having to put up their own tower to line-of-site see that short communications tower.

Interestingly, the committee heard opposition to such investment from Xplornet Communications, a satellite Internet provider focused on rural communities that appears to view public support for universal access as competition. It told the committee that the repeated efforts to help support broadband access in rural communities was the “definition of insanity” and that it was better for the government to stop “distorting the market” by allocating funding to communities that are otherwise viewed as uneconomic for service providers.
OK then, a town of 2 hundred homes plus businesses get wired for DSL. Resulting in Xplornet losing 200 customers. Damn you interfering government! Competition is only good when you have a strangle hold on the market. Why would customers leave?, unless the competitor offered a superior product.

The hearings transcript.
Short version is: Xplornet wants spectrum at/below 3.5ghz, but won't spend the billion dollars to get it. Xplornet would rather spend money on spectrum 'per Xplornet served area' to cut their up front costs.
Xplornet also states about government should not subsidize 'rural' Internet builds, while also stating about having private money to do their own builds. Xplornet may of forgotten to mention all those taxpayer subsidies they keep getting to build out their networks. https://ocl-cal.gc.ca/app/secure/orl...=1370566903528
As an extra, apparently politicians are led to believe that Xplornet needs more spectrum for each 'tower to tower hop'. One hop to fiber? = One spectrum. Two hops to fiber? = Two spectrums. ... In each spectrum, there are frequencies to split that spectrum to many more signals to avoid interference.

It's really insane that Government allowed commercial wireless internet providers to use the 'free' public frequencies(2.4Ghz, 5Ghz, 900Mhz), but government is fairly stupid when they listen to corporate B.S. and not actually research factual facts themselves.

In the hearings, there also appeared to be mention of the illegal 'land line tax'(Cableco-VOIP competition prevention fee) that was used to bring DSL internet to 3 dozen BC and Alberta communities via Telus. Bell on the other hand tried to avoid using the money for DSL, since Cell towers are quicker/easier and are also useless/expensive for that 60GB a month that people use.

Government challenge!
Purchase an Xplornet Internet product. Try both wireless and satellite, under a assumed name or one of your trustworthy employee's names, and try it out for 6 months. Use it exclusively, like you would your taxpayer paid for landline DSL/Cable/Fiber/Cellular. If the product does not meet advertised statements, do something to correct deficiencies.
Hi Diddly Ho, Good Neighborino

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