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Old 07-28-2014, 03:56 PM
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Default Eastern Ontario / Papineau Québec

I put up a tower on my lot which is located on the Québec side of the Ottawa river to get the Xplornet signal from the Ontario side (eastern Ontario). A local reseller for Xplornet had come to survey the site with a telescoping antenna and told me where to put the tower. I had scored a used tower from a neighbour and had some local monkeys dismantle it and put it up.

Once the tower was up, I was lucky enough to have line-of-sight to a water tower equipped by IGS Hawkesbury. They have several antennae on various water towers across Eastern Ontario. When I checked out their terms, I decided to give them a chance over Xplornet (especially after reading through xplornetsucks).

The cost was $200 for installation which includes the equipment (you own it). The monthly charge for 3 Mbps (1 Mbps up) service was $50 a month with UNLIMITED bandwidth. Yep, you read right...UNLIMITED. You can also get 4 Mpbs up and down for $99 a month. All with no contract.

It was a no-brainer to try and it was worth it. I've been with them since 2009 and the speed is consistently averaging 3 Mbps. I also have a VOIP phone which works flawlessly with their service. Downtime is rare and mostly due to weather events. Tech support is prompt and professional.

In 2010, IGS installed a repeater on our tower to service our neighbours who could not otherwise get high-speed (other than spotty cellular data). It was nice to work with a local enterprise who can actually accommodate your particular situation.
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