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Old 01-15-2014, 07:32 PM
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Default NorthWestTel faulty meters(jan 2014)

In the grand scheme of things, there would be some third party(or non-corrupt government agency)to make sure all bandwidth meters are accurate, along with full disclosure by the ISP on what exactly their meters count.

When an ISP counts all data that hits the WAN(wide area network) side of your modem, you can have usage that was not done by you.
The modem will communicate with the ISP head-end, which is real bad when the modem goes crazy and keeps talking to the head-end and your little cap will slowly disappear.
People can attack your IP address with a ping-flood. Note that even with a shared IP among many users, you still may have erroneous bandwidth used..
On occasion, your modem may of been cloned(pretends to be your modem on the network) or in odd circumstances the ISP may confuse your modem for someone else.

How can you tell your modem is acting crazy?
When your ISP is gracious enough to have an hourly updating usage counter, you can unplug all your computers/router from the modem for a few hours and see if any usage. Any usage above a couple of MegaBytes would be a bad counter. Really though, the usage should be nearly zero, even with overhead.
If you are concerned that the counter is really crazy, unplug your modem for 2 days. Any usage is definitely not you. The ISP's logs would also show your modem is offline. If their logs show your modem was online well it wasn't you or they are lying to you to try and manipulate you into paying that big bill.

If your ISP tries to force you to pay an overage? Have them send you all the logs pertaining to your account. Its your Right to see your files at the ISP in such cases of dispute. If they deny that Right, declare FRAUD!!!! by your ISP against you.

Kyle Jennex says it started in November. “I had some unaccounted usage on my account and after talking with Northwestel it immediately stopped,” says the Whitehorse resident.

Jennex changed his passwords and began to monitor his usage. Then in December, it started again: more data was being moved on his account than he could account for.

“This time it was a hundred times worse. I found extreme upload usage on my account that should not have been there. When I first called Northwestel, they said there was nothing they could do about it, I need to slow down on my downloads.”

Frustrated, Jennex went online to try and find out if other Northwestel customers were experiencing the same thing.

He found six people right away, including a friend of his who rarely uses her internet, and was told she went over her usage by 50 gigabytes. Another friend was charged $1,700 in overage fees, which he’s still trying to pay off.

Arnold Salas has the worst case so far. He once got an internet bill of over $3,000.
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