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Old 04-12-2013, 02:09 PM
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Default Independent cell phone carriers for sale (april 2013)

The 3 independent cell phone carriers in Canada are almost dead.

Sure they have customers, but since they are restricted in getting new spectrum and how much area they can afford build out to, along with pricing that may restrict large enough profits to grow the company bigger quicker.

This also makes a great thing to once again promote 100% foreign ownership of a cell phone carrier in Canada.
Oh wait a second, are we still ignoring the Canadian Government promoting a 'Global economy' while making laws that keep global companies from 100% ownership of Canadian companies?
Harper and his goons are busy making a trans-pacific partnership trade agreement that for some strange reason invalidates Canadian law in the agreement(another countries draconian law would over-ride Canadian law). The whole secret process and signing of it is a crime(treason) but people are dumb and don't know what a countries 'sovereign rights' are.

As the Billionaire owner of the company says to the small company, "If you can't compete with the big boys, close your doors and maybe I or one of my fellow Billionaires will buy your company for pennies on the dollar at the liquidation auction".

All three of Canada’s small wireless companies are now for sale, the latest signal that the federal government’s years-long effort to create competition in the industry is at risk of failure.

Telus Corp. of Vancouver has entered talks to buy Mobilicity in a deal that sources say could value the target at between $350-million and $400-million. Meanwhile, Public Mobile – the smallest of the three independent wireless companies that launched operations in 2009 and 2010 – has hired investment bankers to find a purchaser. The two companies join Wind Mobile, the largest independent company, which has already been put on the block by its Dutch owners.
Five years ago, the government created special rules in a wireless spectrum auction that was designed to create strong competitors to the dominant players in the $19-billion industry, Telus, Rogers Communications Inc. and BCE Inc.

But the new entrants have struggled to gain enough market share to make their businesses viable, and each is said to be lacking the money to purchase another batch of spectrum that is needed to build ultra-fast LTE (long-term evolution) networks that the big three telecoms possess.
“Either new capital is invested in the new wireless entrants keeping a fourth national wireless strategy alive, or the new wireless entrants get consolidated by one or more of the three large wireless incumbents.”
Hi Diddly Ho, Good Neighborino
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