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Old 02-04-2013, 05:23 PM
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Wink WiFi affects on humans + other WTF( feb 2013 )

Food for thought.
Herp for derp.
Everythings a conspiracy.
What the fuck did I drink last night and what does this tattoo mean.

Wow. The article links kinda got bumped down to the bottom of this post.
Mass panic sets in. Heart beat rising. Chest pain. Left arm tingly. Defecation from death imminent.

All this shit exists in the world, but lets go now to the weather girl who can wave her hands in front of the green screen and manage to read whats on the teleprompter in a semi-coherent way. ???Whar meteorological school graduation cirtificut??

This whole radiowave radiation stuff is continuing on.
Everyone keeps saying things that conflict with others and then another party comes in to conflict some more and
I can't hear you.

The whole world is a poisonous place. Mostly due to the things that corporations push out for profit and to also allow the 7 billion people to exist on this rock in space.

There are latent, suppressed, dormant receptors in the human body that are no longer used to guide you through the wilderness as you migrate from place to place in search of food and mating.
It is hard for science to truly say yes or no to the bodies cellular changes as there is such a variable outcome from experiments.
Good science says inconclusive.
Not very good science says a 10% chance with a 70% chance of error of that 10% chance existing.
Bad science says we saw something, so here is what they think factually happens with absolutely no factual evidence to back it up. Not even any math that points to a fact.

???Whar birf cirtificut???

Seasonal changes affect the body.
Weather changes affect the body.
Frequencies of noise affects the body.
Active during the day as opposed to active during the night.

Why is that guy who was looking at me suddenly nervous for me turning around and looking straight up at him on the 3rd floor?
Electrical energy makes my toes tingle as I hold on the metal part of this black wire that was just sticking out of the electrical panel.

Animals have various global compass's that allow them to migrate to specific points.
Whales hear for thousands of miles, but not so much anymore with all that noisy ship traffic.
When spring comes, animals that truly hibernate wake up, ready to start eating food that should be available.

People move into the middle of nowhere to get away from smart electric meters.

People moving to get away from the local radiowaves of whatever.

People complaining of their neighbors WiFi causing them sickness.

Dozens of Satellites pounding the Earth 24/7 with their beams of death.

Cell phones.


People routinely stepping into the airports unlawful digital strip searches. Machines that are not approved for human use.
The government agent stating that your airplane trip is more hazardous than the machine for exposure, but your pilot never got skin cancer in his 40 years of flight.

That microwave oven that leaks enough energy while running to affect channel 9 of your WiFi.

That heavy smell of alcohol on your pilot is just medicinal and no way would he crash the plane due to his messy divorce.

Big yellow fire in sky makes my skin brown in hot time of year.


The wiring in your house emitting all sorts of static.

Crap added to your water.

Crap added to your food.

Expensive Sugar replaced by fructose(corn sugar) to make you hungry and make you fat so you can buy diabetes medicine.

That big satellite looking dish on the police command vehicle at the protest is just for beaming noise directly to your brain and no way would they ever turn it up past 3, causing your hearing to stop forever.

Magnetic energy exposure.

Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite, who are immune to lots of very toxic poisons by generations of survivors from exposure.

Kill it with fire and burn down your house or apartment complex.

Your ships captain doing a close by cruise of the locals island for shits and giggles.

Vans driving down the road scanning to see if you have TV to be taxed.

EMP(electromagnetic pulse) attached to the front of police cars to disable the perps vehicle.

Dolphins beaching themselves after a blast from the navys special sonar.

Microwave speed radar guns giving cancer(tumor) to officers who leave it in their lap turned on for instant use.

Peoples garage doors opening from whatever the navy is beaming out of the antennas on the ship.

Your car with the fancy push button start and the RFID key tag that is being jammed by something local so the tow truck company can make a few dishonest bucks with a tow.

Antenna arrays that scan for those little RFID chips on products or your subway paypass or your credit cards or your toll pass.

When panic sets in, you are fucked. Please avoid running over the cliff because some one sent you a Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Cancer from licking postage stamps!!!!

Toronto, ON, August 13 2012 – Bad Science Watch has announced the launch of a critical investigation of the state of anti-WiFi activism in Canada. The independent non-profit plans to document the motivations, funding sources, agendas, and any conflicts of interest for those groups and individuals promoting misinformation about wireless networking technology (WiFi). These activists claim WiFi and related technologies can cause a variety of adverse health effects, and are attempting to convince city councils, libraries, and school districts across the country to remove or restrict the deployment of WiFi networks.

“While many of these activists are well-meaning yet misinformed, others are profiting from the uncertainty and doubt that has been manufactured.” said Jamie Williams, Executive Director of Bad Science Watch. “Some of the most prominent anti-WiFi scaremongers are tied to the sale and promotion of bogus products to ‘block’ WiFi, or promote sham medical diagnoses and treatments for false illnesses.”

Many activists blame WiFi’s low level radio signals for a broad variety of medical problems, from mild headaches and fatigue to chest pain and heart palpitations. When someone using or living near WiFi networks experiences these or other symptoms, they are told they have ‘Electromagnetic-Hypersensitivity’, or EHS. The existence of EHS is not supported by rigorous science, and has not been accepted by the medical and scientific community as a real condition. This distraction can lead to greater anxiety for parents who are worried about the well-being of their children, and may instead serve to delay the diagnosis of more serious and treatable medical problems like anxiety disorders or heart defects.

Bad Science Watch will use the findings of this investigation as a starting point to counter misinformation in the public sphere, and represent sound science to public officials who are confronted every day with requests to act on it.

Individuals who would like to support this and similar projects are invited to visit www.badsciencewatch.ca, subscribe to the mailing list, and make a donation to Bad Science Watch.

Across Canada anti-WiFi activists are spreading misinformation about wireless networking (WiFi) and related technologies. Many activists blame WiFi networks’ low level radio signals for a broad variety of medical problems, from mild headaches and fatigue to chest pain and heart palpitations, claiming those who suffer from them have ‘Electromagnetic-Hypersensitivity’, or EHS.
These claims are not substantiated by the scientific literature and have little acceptance from medical professionals and the scientific community. This activism therefore amounts to nothing more than fear-mongering by misguided special interest groups who are attempting to have these networks removed.
Nevertheless, the media has been all too willing to fan the flames of controversy and has contributed to a growing false uncertainty over the safety of WiFi. As a result many school boards, libraries, and town councils across Canada have been called on by concerned citizens to limit or remove WiFi networks.

Hi Diddly Ho, Good Neighborino

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