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Old 01-27-2017, 04:19 PM
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Default Bell Wireless Internet 5

With the corruption of Bell in regards to Government grants and all that shit, for some time they have been hiding a certain plan, and support will even deny it exists.

It is part of the Deferral program from years ago (phone tax during Cableco VOIP startup), and you must reside in a Bell Deferment area.

This is not standard Bell fixed/mobile wireless Internet, as that plan is expensive.
Deferment area, Bell Wireless 5: 5/1 - $60 - 100 gigs cap - $4.00 a gig overage

Have a look at the links. And always remember that Bell doesn't always play fair with consumers, and far too many lawsuits against Bell to even bother listing here.


Current Deferral Account Names
I was looking at my Bell Wireless Internet 5 (BWI5) contract agreement the other day and noticed Bell is now referring to the service as Wireless Internet 5 Flex. (WI5F)

You may want to use the new term talking to Bell about the service.

Now there are three names that basically describe the same service of 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload over the cellular network:

a. Deferral Account

b. Bell Wireless Internet 5 (BWI5)

c. Wireless Internet 5 Flex (WI5F)
Sub section of a thread looking for home based wireless internet.
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