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Old 01-31-2016, 10:33 AM
tannaberton tannaberton is offline
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Default LTE is now dial up

They came in March of 2015...my regular internet was down for two weeks...I live 10 km from Moncton. They said I should upgrade and I would get 25mb/sec service and be so happy beyond description. Then at the end of April they informed me I went over a Cap neither techs nor CS mentioned as I was gleefully signed up.
Now it is Feb 2016...I get Speed Of Me tests at 1.5 to 2.2 mb/sec and the techs at support are telling me I should be happy. If I try to download or stream it starts fine then the buffering takes longer than the movie.
They tell me they see me operating at 8mb/sec and "that is not bad."...but it is not the 25mb/sec I pay for.
Speed of ME gave me 25mb/sec results in March but by June as the network became loaded beyond reasonable capacity it started to slip and now the feeling is, "You got something so be happy."
Xplornet gets these caps so their VOIP service can work well while those paying for the few to have VOIP are getting shit on my anyone and everyone at "THE X". When they built the LTE system they should have known what was going to happen and they could have doubled the install but did not. Either they have engineers from a comic book course or they just do not know how it is supposed to work in 2016.
I have worked for Telephone and ISP's all over the world and amazed how a fourth rate system was ever allowed to operate as they wish.
When I worked in Calgary for Rogers an inquiry was made to Xplornet to get 100 mb/sec for expanding service in Northern Alberta. They agreed but I dug deeper and found they could only give us anything close to this "AFTER FUCKING MIDNIGHT." It took me weeks to convince anyone of what I found because they didn't think anyone in charge of a company would want cell-service only after midnight and none during the day.
It never worked out just like their internet service will never give you what you want. They are putting the fee up 4 dollars a month so you are getting a 5% fee rise for 80% degradation. Xplornet sucket biggeth.
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Old 01-31-2016, 11:36 AM
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I've been noticing that a lot of people were having around 1-2mbps on the LTE. It's quite bullshit that you're paying for something and you can't even get 20% of the speed. (If that). I haven't noticed the $4 increase yet but I will see if it changed when I get my next bill.

Personally, my experience with LTE has been great so far, but I'm pretty sure there is only 10 people on my tower. (In my area, Bell FTTN and Rogers Cable is already an option to a lot of people and many others use Vianet's Wireless. AND on top of that the tower is fairly small.)

Apparently Xplornet can upgrade the bandwidth that goes to the tower if they think it's necessary but I could be completely wrong.
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