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Old 12-18-2014, 04:38 PM
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Default Enforcement of Telecom Act .dec 2014

Open Media has an article that enforcement rules are actually going to be enforced, to prevent Internet slow lanes. Make it easier to bitch about bullshit being spewed by the Big ISP(OpenMedia's skewed version says it's the big Telco/Cableco).

Short version from the government.
Statement from Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the CRTC, on monetary penalties and paper bill fees

Bill C-43, the Economic Action Plan Act, No. 2, recently received Royal Assent. Some of the amendments adopted by Parliament grant new tools and responsibilities to the CRTC.

In particular, the CRTC can now issue monetary penalties to any company or person that violates the Telecommunications Act as well as related CRTC decisions or regulations. Monetary penalties are an addition to our toolkit. They will promote compliance with telecommunications laws and regulations. This will ensure Canadians have access to a world-class communication system—one in which there is sustainable competition and a choice of innovative content and services.

Monetary penalties also give the CRTC greater flexibility to tailor its enforcement approach to each situation and to the facts before it. In some cases, a monetary penalty might be the right approach. We will be providing further guidance in the coming weeks on how and when the CRTC intends to use this new power.

Changes to the Telecommunications Act and Broadcasting Act, under Bill C-43, have also prohibited providers from charging customers a fee to receive paper bills for wireless, Internet, telephone and television services. This includes undertakings that the CRTC has exempted from holding a broadcasting licence.

We are, however, conscious that some service providers may need to update their billing systems to automatically remove these charges. In the meantime, the Commission will consider operators to be in compliance if they manually make adjustments to customer bills in the earliest available billing cycle, through rebates or otherwise, thus reversing charges for paper bills. We encourage providers to work proactively with their customers to ensure the most efficient transition to implement this new legislative requirement.

Our small team here at OM have been clinking our coffee mugs after this morning’s announcement of new powers that will allow the government to impose financial penalties on Big Telecom giants that break the rules and mistreat Canadians. And we’re talking BIG penalties: up to $10 million per infraction on a first offense, up to $15 million per infraction for subsequent offenses. This is huge.

Here are the Top 3 ways Big Telecom can now be penalized for mistreating Canadians.

1 ...For forcing you into an Internet slow lane. [traffic management that blocks/lags certain things above normal ITMP(congestion management)]

2 ...For mistreating Canadians. [fraud]

3 ...For blocking Canadians from new affordable, independent services. [impeding Independent ISPs on wireline]
A $10million penalty is nothing to a corporation that brings in billions of dollars per year.
Occasional people who go onto the Independent ISP via wireline Bell, Rogers and occasionally Shaw, will find certain "accidental" service interruptions. Installs are done by the incumbent's contractors/employees.
Bell in the past was found to throttle the competition, because why not, eh! In which the head boss and his executives should of been charged with violation of privacy laws and unlawful wiretapping, then sent to max-security prison for a decade or more.

More links:
It only took the dicks in power 5 years to partially get things right, except CRTC testimony is still NOT under oath and there is NO personal liability for lying to the CRTC (Bibic)[of Bell Canada].

Another article that points out how the Big Telecom ISP takes taxpayer money(deferral fund) for new builds, but ignores certain ISP's who suck on the same governmental welfare teat as the Big Boys.
Article would be better if it named Bell, instead of saying Big Telecom.
Hi Diddly Ho, Good Neighborino

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