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Old 11-06-2014, 07:22 PM
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Default CRTC bans 30 day cancel notice(Nov 2014)

As of January 23 2015, the CRTC will implement the banning of giving a 30 day notice of cancel to your TV, Phone, Internet provider.

So lets watch for price hikes(or removal of pro-rated month), just like when they banned 3 year cell phone contracts(shorter subsidy and large reduction of data GB in collusion markets).

No more corporate excuses of a missed cancellation due to a "lost" 30 day cancellation notice.

Canadians no longer have to give a 30-day notice to cancel or change their television, internet or landline telephone service, the CRTC says.

In a release, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission said it is "prohibiting television service providers from requiring that Canadians give 30 days' notice prior to cancelling these services."

The CRTC says it will require cable companies to adhere to the new rule by Jan. 23. The regulator also says the same rule will apply to switching internet providers or phone services.

The CRTC previously implemented a similar rule for cellphone contracts when it rolled out Canada's wireless code last December.

Prohibition of 30-day cancellation policies

The Commission determines that 30-day cancellation policies for local voice services, Internet services, and broadcasting distribution services (e.g. cable and satellite television services) will be prohibited as of 23 January 2015.

This prohibition will make it easier for consumers to switch service providers, especially for subscribers to bundles of telecommunications and broadcasting distribution services. It will also contribute to a more dynamic marketplace and remove unnecessary barriers to consumer choice. Subscribers will avoid double-billing when they cancel their service and move to a different service provider.

This approach is consistent with the Commission’s prohibition of 30-day cancellation policies for wireless services set out in the Wireless Code.
Cancellation date

Customers may cancel their contract at any time by notifying their service provider.
Cancellation takes effect on the day that the service provider receives notice of the cancellation.
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