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Old 01-01-2014, 09:58 PM
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Arrow DNS fixes

Xplornet is using private IP number ranges for part of their DNS servers.
These can conflict with your private network or where your computer looks for the DNS server.

Satellite 4G system and

Wireless tower

The 192.168.*.* range is what is called the private network range(non-internet routable).
If an ISP is using it, that shows that they are very short of IPv4 numbers and are using the private range to avoid upgrading to IPv6 or another work around. Your internet IP you see on test sites is shared with lots of users, so lots of routing to get you to the actual Internet.
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Occasionally your computer may see that range and then look at itself or your router for the DNS server and hey, no internet!.

Other ISP's will use the private network range for their in-network servers, but still use a routable range for DNS.

You can add your own DNS server numbers to your computer or router, otherwise it will use the DNS IP of your ISP.

Google's DNS


Some ISP's may ignore your DNS preferences and force(via hijacking) the ISP's DNS, which is bad for security and bad when the ISP's DNS fails.
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