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Old 11-05-2013, 02:36 PM
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Default Xplornet and Taxpayer funding (nov 2013)

This is for the year of 2012. Click below that(government funding in previous versions) for Tapayer funding received in 2011.
Funding provided to Xplornet, which is more about cutting their costs and hopefully also cutting end user costs.

Click the link as I am too lazy to fix the bad copy/paste.
Government funding - Xplornet Communications Inc. / Allison Lenehan, President
Government funding

End date of the last completed financial year: 2012-12-31
List of Government Funding Government Institution Funding Received in Last Financial Year Funding Expected in Current Financial Year
Alberta Rural Connections $200,000.00 Yes
City of Ottawa $45,000.00 No
Eastern Ontario Warden's Caucus $5,119,363.67 Yes
Industry Canada (IC) $9,829,498.01 Yes
Ministere des Affaires Municipales, des Regions et de l'Occupation du Territoire No Yes
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs $1,725,508.20 Yes
Province of Newfoundland $1,252,500.00 Yes

List of Government Funding End date of the last completed financial year Government Institution Funding Received in Last Financial Year Funding Expected in Current Financial Year
2011-12-31 Eastern Ontario Warden's Caucus $2,215,923.18 Yes
2011-12-31 Industry Canada (IC) $4,437,239.00 Yes
2011-12-31 Ministere des Affaires Municipales, des Regions et de l'Occupation du Territoire No Yes
2011-12-31 Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs $1,702,059.23 Yes

12 month lobbying summery. Click on 'monthly communication reports' for government officials who have been historically communicated with. Then ask them questions on how they expected the money they eventually authorized to be spent on Internet'.


Subsidizing a corporation sucks dog shit.

Government agents giving taxpayer money to corporations without controls and exact specifications, is bogus.
Sure you got highspeed, but don't expect any quality of service guaranteed by the Government, who could easily take that money away in penalties for bad service or non-existent roll outs.

The lobbyists bang down the doors of the taxpayers safe, take a big load of money and people still get screwed over.

If a corporation can't exist using its own money to provide services, then close the doors and go away.

Instead of the government giving money direct to a private corporation, how about just send a check direct to the end user for having a second rate high speed internet connection. Like welfare, but without the middleman.

The U.S. communications corporations have rewritten laws in order to abandon telephone lines. Abandon roll outs of true high speed internet on wireline. Even get billions of dollars in taxpayer money and not have to actually use it on the end users.

Edit: Bell sued for 3/4 billion dollars for unlawful wiretapping.
Meanwhile, Bell is going to(nov 2013) violate privacy/wiretap laws by using deep packet inspection on all their services(won't record your phone calls but will save the numbers) in order to make more profit.
The Canadian government is already hoovering up all your communications via unlawful wiretaps.
June 11, 2013 3:08:17 PM

The Globe and Mail reports that the electronic trail Canadians leave when they use a phone or the Internet is being scooped up by our government.

A ministerial directive signed by Defence Minister Peter MacKay in 2011 allows the collection of “metadata:” when Canadians use cellphones and the Internet and who they connect with. The actual conversations are not recorded unless a judge OK’s it. The government claims this collection of metadata does not target Canadians.

The data collection began in 2005 under the Paul Martin government, and has continued since, with a break in 2008 when an internal government watchdog asked for the rules to be clarified.

The confirmation of Canadian data tracking mirrors the revelations in the United States last week.
The database of all this unlawfully collected information is easily searchable by your name or other.
The data collection actually began in 2002 under the George Bush jr presidency with all sorts of splitters on the internet fiber backbones. Details of it will be blacked out for another 40 years for 'security'.

Everyone is treated as a terrorist, which directly violates various Charter of Rights protections. The politicians are the real terrorists, but they'd prefer you be scared of the boooogeyman instead, so you don't question you and your kids being unlawfully molested in the airport or other forms of travel.
Hi Diddly Ho, Good Neighborino

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