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Old 06-26-2013, 08:01 PM
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Default Windows 8.1 slight revert(june 2013)

As the brainless drones in charge of Microsoft continue to try and change Windows to 100% tablet interfaces while ignoring that tablets are still still still in their infancy, they are at least slightly listening and allowing people to get an easier desktop(slightly like windows7) environment back.

'Task bar and navigation properties' will have some new settings to get back some familiar user interface.

At least 'boot direct to desktop' is a new setting.

Windows 8 is still an improvement in the engine of Windows, but its the user interface that gives the engine throttle, or else it just idles down the road dragging bits behind it that wouldn't fold up back into the glove box.
An efficient system is one that runs only the programs you actually use and not just leaving bits everywhere running and waiting for use that one time a month.

Many parts of the Windows 8 user interface have been given some love in Windows 8.1. Some of these changes focus on the Metro side of the fence. But that doesn't mean that Microsoft forgot about desktop users—Windows 8.1 includes a number of small tweaks that should make them more comfortable.

This first is the obvious and much-trumpeted return of the Start button on the taskbar. I've written about this and don't really like it. It doesn't satisfy those users who demand nothing short of the return of the Start menu, and it doesn't really do anything to help with Windows 8's learning curve. But in conjunction with some other changes in Windows 8.1, it might still find some fans.

The desktop-oriented options are all hidden away in the taskbar's properties page. They give a fair bit of control over aspects of Windows 8's behavior, including the ability to turn off some fairly fundamental features.
Taskbar properties is a right click over the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
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