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Old 04-07-2013, 10:39 PM
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Default BS Exclusve services in a building (april 2013)

Was reading this thread on Red Flag Deals. And wow.
So if you've never had the unfortunate thing of where there is only one provider of your building or neighborhoods internet/phone/tv, this is what greed does.

Whether its greed by the telco/cableco or greed by a condo board who gets a kickback from signing an exclusive agreement with a provider.
Kickback would be a cut in the bulk rate of the building for an exclusive provider, which results in more money to go to the building maintenance or somewhere.

It is basically forcing the entire building to take one providers service without a 100% vote. But a building with one provider also loses out on the occupants ability to say screw you poorly performing provider and to move to another provider.

In the U.S. there are some neighborhoods who have tried to remove their subdivision from the county and make it an HOA, but they need 100% vote to make it happen, so the rational people who vote no will save the rest of the people from HOA hell. And thats a good thing.

Read somewhere a few years ago about new subdivisions in Ontario where they only let Rogers wire the subdivision and no phone line are put in. People then suffer from spotty service and no other alternative for service other than cell phone/data.

Moved into a new place earlier this month, I planned to have my TSI DSL ported over but when the Bell tech dropped by we found out,,,,

All the CAT6 cables in my building have been severed. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ
What the actual shtiat?!

According to concierge (I live in a 18 storey condo) Rogers severed anything leading to the 0-1 room (Bell room) about 2 years ago. That's right, my entire building is on Rogers service. Not a single soul has a landline here.

How legal is this? Isn't it against building code to not provide access to dry-loop/landline? Isn't it illegal for the property managers to collude with Rogers to force a monopoly on residents?

Myself, the Bell tech, the Teksavvy CSR, and the Bell CSR were all speechless. None of us have ever heard such a thing. It was a shock to see well over 100 severed CAT6 cables hanging from the ceiling in the basement.

Anyone else heard of such a thing? Is there anything I can do to sort this out? After speaking with TSI we have tentatively set a date next week to get cable installed in my suite but I'm freaking out at the very thought of it. Not to mention the guaranteed congestion I'll experience. This is bogus.
Images in this post:

Greedy son of a bitches restricting independent apartment units from experiencing the free market without lockdowns.

Thats the issue with apartments. You should have the Right(Would Freedom of Communication apply?) to have service via Telco or Cableco and not have it left up to the condo board who will try to not answer for their actions or the actions of what could be 10% of the buildings occupants.
10% is whats left after people who move into a building as an owner and try to help run the building(voting or on the board) but get frustrated by the old timers who are set in their ways or frustrated by the loudest a-holes who control everything by minority rule.
Beware of board meetings/votes that keep happening when most of the buildings occupants can't attend.

Vandalism by either provider of services should never be tolerated. Whether its your home where you personally went exclusive with the cableco and the next person to inhabit your home, or maybe you, finds vandalism to the phone lines/fiber optics when trying to switch back.

The Police would say that the occupants of the building have no say in their units lines being cut because the lines are outside the unit. You then tell the police that how can you get service to your unit when some vandal cuts the lines going to your unit? When the lines are already there, no one should be allowed to terminate your service lines without your permission.
The Telco or Cablco would say, shut the hell up puny turd!.

Because at some point, people must of lost services via the Telco and if they were forced on to the Cableco, well thats just criminal. Especially if the only reason they switched is due to some deranged person chopping up the Cat6 lines.
Hi Diddly Ho, Good Neighborino

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