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Old 02-07-2013, 10:33 PM
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Default Copyright Mafiaa wants spyware legal again( feb2013)

Once again a bunch of lowlifes representing the copyright mafiaa want to make 'spyware/malware/rootkits/trojans/wifi hacking' legal in Canada so they can purposely infect peoples computers in order to check for violations of their clients works.

Sony/BMG had music CDs in 2005 that had an executable virus on it. Those Cds still exist out there and if your computer allows for executables on a disc to auto-execute, you are now infected.

During the anti-spam law debates in 2009, copyright lobby groups promoted amendments that would have allowed for expansive surveillance of user computers. Coming on the heels of the Sony rootkit scandal, the government ultimately rejected those proposals (the Liberals had plans to propose such amendments but backed down), leaving in place an important provision that requires express consent prior to the installation of computer software. The provision states:

8. (1) A person must not, in the course of a commercial activity, install or cause to be installed a computer program on any other person's computer system or, having so installed or caused to be installed a computer program, cause an electronic message to be sent from that computer system, unless
(a) the person has obtained the express consent of the owner or an authorized user of the computer system and complies with subsection 11(5); or
(b) the person is acting in accordance with a court order.

The law adds several wrinkles to this general requirement, including the need for clear and prominent descriptions of the functionality of the software in certain circumstances (including the collection of personal information, changing user settings, or interfering with user control over their computer) and exemptions for programs such as cookies, HTML code, and javascripts.

The industry groups are now demanding that the government overhaul these requirements. Its preferred approach is to simply kill the provision altogether by referring it to a "Review Body", which it says could be a task force or another public consultation, before taking effect. In other words, despite considerable debate and approval on this specific provision by Members of Parliament from all parties, these industry groups still want it placed in legislative limbo.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce and other business groups want to ensure that the anti-spam law does not block their ability to secretly install spyware on personal computers for a wide range of purposes. In doing so, these groups are proposing to turn the law upside down by shifting from protecting consumers to protecting businesses. The comment period on the draft regulations may have closed, but it is not too late to tell Industry Minister Christian Paradis or your local Member of Parliament to reject demands that would gut the anti-spam bill and legalize spyware for private enforcement purposes.

Note: That like the U.S. chamber of Commerce, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, is in no way a part of the government.
They are private companies full of lobbyists and are run by what some term as Sociopaths.
noun Psychiatry.
a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.
Former U.S. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was considered to be a sociopath. That quirky little smile(when he was disgusted with those around him) that bordered on a sneer was partly created by his Mormon High Priest training. The rest is just him being a rich piece of shit.
People who make sure that corporations never have to abide by certain laws by making massive loopholes that destroy anyone in the corporations way.

Bankers didn't go to prison for crashing the economy. You see it is not criminal to lose peoples money in the stock market due to investing being a risk. So unless you can prove they invested the money in a malicious way or were working a pyramid scheme, you lose everything and they get a $10 million bonus that is partially funded by a tax payer money permanent bailout every time they do it.

Link to software forum.......

The other way the copyright mafiaa is trying to abuse you is to see what you are doing online by making your ISP the copyright police(at the ISP's expense of course), where the ISP will report everything you do online to the copyright mafiaa in order to send you extortion notices of pay now or be bankrupted in court. Even though they do not want to go to court unless they know you are loaded and can be stripped of all your worldly processions as a sign to all others to pay up quick.
Hi Diddly Ho, Good Neighborino

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