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Old 10-12-2013, 05:59 PM
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Arrow Life of old KU HN7000 systems

Hughesnet is still slowly giving up leased transponders on the KU band satellites, as the lease expires.
In the U.S., Hughesnet has been very aggressive to 'upgrade' people's equipment to the KA's.

The per-user cost involved with the KU's is much more expensive than Hughesnet's self-owned KA satellites(Spaceway3, Gen4/Jupiter1).

As the article says below, is if people want to keep the KU satellites units and actually gets parts for failures, they need to upgrade to the business accounts that cost more per month, resulting in less lease cash loss for Hughesnet.

In some cases, the KU satellite that people are pointed to, Hughesnet no longer has any transponder leases left on it. In this case, the user needs a repoint to another satellite.

Now whats this mean for people in Canada?
I have heard of a couple of people(via 3rd parties who did not know the details) that some KU band users where being forced to upgrade to the newish KA satellites of either Hughesnet of Viasat.
I don't know if they needed new components for repairs of their KU's or if they got the dreaded letter of 'upgrade or lose service'.

The issue in Canada is that there are areas where the only satellites available may be the KU's(site lines or spot beams at capacity on the KA Anik F2). So if you can't get service via the KA satellites, hopefully people will still be allowed to keep or sign up to the KU's as residential.

The other issue with the KA's is portability. It is far easier to move and user repoint a KU dish than the finely tuned KA dish. The KA's also had to stay in their home spot beam, otherwise they needed to be reauthorized to be allowed into another spot beam. There are commercial solutions that are real fancy and auto-point the dish, but you are not going to get that for $60 a month.

With 2-4 new satellites being launched starting around 2016, KU's will still live a bit longer in a residential market. Part of that depends on where all those new KA spot beams will be aimed, as they should be covering the areas the newish high-throughput satellites have ignored.

Is HughesNet fazing out the Ku Band HN7000s systems and service?


It's obvious to us that HughesNet has high hopes for their Gen 4 technology, however we're not sure if they understand how many people are still dependent on their Ku Band HN7000s systems and services! That being said, they appear to be forcing upgrades and making it harder and harder for dealers like us to support our Ku Band customers. Is it all ending soon? We think it will be a couple years before HughesNet actually ends HughesNet Ku Band service, however we feel the HughesNet VAR platform for the Ku Band HN7000s service could be available for several years to come or at least until Ka band technology becomes flexible enough to handle the demands that the Ku Band systems fill, such as portability, mobility, and simple installation and setup!

With that being said...

We were notified on 8/5/13 that HughesNet is no longer allowing it's residential distributors (RS&I, Perfect 10, and others) to ship "parts" such as modems, transmitters, etc. to their dealers! They are only allowed to ship complete HN7000s systems and only for new customers in Alaska and only with new account activations!

We were also notified on 8/6/13 that as of Sept. 1, 2013, HughesNet will not allow new activations on the residential platform for HughesNet HN7000s Ku Band service except in Alaska, and EVEN if line-of-site and other issues prevent installation of a Ka system in the Continental U.S.

Fortunately, Montana Satellite Supply is still able to sell and ship replacement parts, however at much higher prices than we were all use to on the residential platform.

Montana Satellite is also able to sell HN7000s Ku Band Equipment and set up HN7000s accounts and monthly service plans through the HughesNet VAR platform, which is more expensive than the residential plans, however the VAR plans are business level plans with typically offer, better, more stable service than the residential platform plans offered!

Galaxy Broadband

Some more chat on satellite internet and pointing.
Hi Diddly Ho, Good Neighborino

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