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Old 12-29-2014, 04:21 PM
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Arrow URL redirect for overage notice, plus first use

Xplornet has implemented a URL(webpage) redirect for notifying the user when they are at 90% and 120%. Emails will still be sent, unless you somehow opt out of email notification. Unknown if you can opt out of the redirect.

Normally redirects can contain things such as 'click here to confirm notification received'. If the little ones get that notice and click it and don't tell you, plausible deniability for you, Hooray! The bad side is when you are gaming and the connection dies as it waits for a browser to confirm the notice, FUCK!!!.

Redirects are a major pain in the rear. They break things when they act up. Corrupt companies(ISP, greedy Router maker) use redirects for advertising purposes. Resulting in that secure site you are on being redirected and losing your session(security to prevent hijacking the session).

Without URL redirects, it is very simple to send an email with a notice. In that notice will be a link. Click the link within 48 hours and your connection will continue. Acts as a 'received receipt'. If the link is not clicked, your connection would die at 48 hours and you are stuck with calling support to reauthorize. Very simple. Routinely check your spam folders.

Customer: So now, on top of the ridiculous throttling/unusable internet when we reach 100% of our ridiculously low limit, we're going to be getting harassing messages interrupting our internet service
Xplornet: sorry that you find the usage notifications frustrating and that they're interrupting your browsing experience.

These features were put in place to ensure that customers are well informed as to their current usage, and was something that the large majority of our customers' had specifically requested be available.

We understand that with today's busy lifestyles not everyone will have the time to sign into the My Account Section of our website to review and track their usage, so these features provide an alternative that doesn't require signing in.

There are only two URL redirects like the one you've provided a screenshot of that are sent to customers, one at 90% and one at 120% in order to minimize any impact to your experience, while still making you aware of important thresholds being reached on your account.

There is an option to opt out of the email notices that are sent in case a customer would rather not receive them, I will certainly suggest that our IT department see if there's a way to make the URL redirects have a similar opt out feature if you would rather completely self manage your usage through the Customer Portal.
Notification image link.

First time users will also be redirected to the customer portal the first time they use the connection. Plus redirects maybe because why not?
Whats funny, is where a bunch of account details will be sent to you, but if you can't get online(unless by another method), whats the use. A properly setup email server send/receive would usually be exempt from the dead surfing connection, if you know the information that is at the 'login' URL address, FUCK. Relying on ISP email, as your only email, is a bad thing.

Don't forget that sending private/personal customer information by email is a bad thing without encryption of the send/receive and blanking out certain account details in the document(unless encrypted contents).

If any customer portal is not HTTPS:// , then it is not secure.

Always change your new first password that was sent in an email or phone call.


1. What is the Customer Activity Centre?

When you first login to your new Xplornet Internet service, you will be directed to our Customer Activity Centre. As a new customer,
we'll ask you to login to the Customer Activity Centre using your MyXplornet username and password - these are found in your first
Welcome email from Xplornet, which we sent to you when your new serivce was activated. We'll then ask you to review your current
contact information, payment information and our terms and conditions. Once we receive all of your information, there will be a few
minutes of delay for processing, and then you can continue to browse the Internet as you normally would.
2. I haven't been redirected to the Customer Activity Centre, and I can't use my Internet service. What should I do?

Customers with outstanding items in the Customer Activity Centre will be redirected to the Customer Activity Centre login screen
with each new browser session, or you can click here for a direct link to the login screen.

If a window pops up on your computer, "Congratulations from [your isp here]. You can win a free iPad! for completing a survey" , Its a scam.
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