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Old 06-15-2014, 11:42 PM
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Default Frustrated beyond belief!

Let me start off by saying Ive been with Xplornet since 2008 and have had really no issues with them and by the way, very helpful (up to last week) tech support. Anyway last Friday night my Internet starts going down every few minutes so I assume its nothing and waited to see if it fixed itself after a few days.....by Monday I had enough so I called and they informed me after a few tests that my system either needed to be repointed or replaced. I asked if there was any charge and they said no. The guy comes on the Wednesday and says to me Im just going to change out the system, the upgrade will be faster for you. I said hell why not? So the system gets installed and he is in my livingroom and proceeds to call Xplornet to do what ever he needs to do with them on the phone but then he stops while is on the phone with them and says to me you have 3 new plans.....I said what? I didn't want a new plan, I want to keep my old plan, they told me that my system either needed to be repointed or changed out, nothing about a new plan...so this guy is just the installer, so he passes the phone to me and I inform them that I do NOT want to change my plan, they inform me that in order for me not to change my plan the installer has to put back my old system...now, its raining cats and dogs out....do I send him back out? I tell the guy listen Ill deal with them you can leave. I called and of course no one can help me, no manager, no complaint dept, I asked to be called back....still waiting....now this all happened Wednesday, its Sunday and now I get this email from them informing me that I have used 75% of my usage balance!! I had unlimited and now I have this useless plan....Im going to call them tomorrow and see what I can do....I swear if someone can tell me if there is another company for the North Grenville/Kemptville Ontario area.....please tell me!!!!!! Ok Ive vented, now I hope someone can help?
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Old 06-16-2014, 12:37 AM
buttitchi buttitchi is offline
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You could try
The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services

You'd also have to be aware that Xplornet may of put you, without your permission, into a new contract with the install.

If you were on the old Motorola equipment, "outages" can "accidentally" happen. But, Maybe yours was at end of life?

Theres an old scam that can happen from the companies who do satellite and Wireless systems in North America to "help" the user upgrade sooner. Connection goes dead. Customer calls to get it fixed. Company says, well it's "broke" so we is just gonna upgrade you and thanks for being stuck with us for another 2 years.... There are customers who say no to the "upgrade" and their system spontaneously comes back to life, as if nothing was wrong.
Then you have the company who wants to get rid of people on grandfathered plans, so they orchestrate a 'change of service' to abolish the old plan and tie the customer into the new shitty plans. The company doesn't have the guts to tell the customers that the old plans are now dead and they have to "upgrade" or lose service.
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Old 06-16-2014, 01:35 PM
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Hi mtlgirl. First be aware, Xplornet will never call you back. You have to call them, repeatedly, and stay on top of them and keep pushing them to take care of your problem. (I speak from experience.) Be sure to keep a written record of every phone call -- date, time, who you spoke to, what you said, and what they said. You don't have to keep a transcript, just write down what issue you asked them to fix, what they said the problem is, and what they said they would do.

Since you're talking about being "repointed" I'm going to guess you are/were on a satellite plan. Years ago I was on the Kazam plan. When they offered wireless service in our area I signed up for that, but kept the Kazam dish installed (on "vacation" status so it didn't cost us anything). After two years they changed the wireless coverage in our area and we lost that, so I switched to Rogers cellular. That was a mistake, so I called Xplornet to reactivate our Kazam dish. They said we could do that, but it would be cheaper per-month to switch to the Jupiter satellite -- they were offering free installation and only a 1-year commitment. So I said "yes" to the upgrade.

It sounds like that's what they wanted to do in your case. I think buttitchi is right that they're trying to retire all those old systems, and replace them with new ones. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Our new Jupiter plan is about $10/month cheaper than the old Kazam plan, and has higher speeds (except in the evening, of course).

About the usage limits, I don't know. The old Kazam plans had an hourly limit but no monthly limit. The new Jupiter plan has a monthly limit -- and the cheapest plan offers only 2 GB per month, which is about 6 days' usage for my wife and me. (We're on the 20 GB plan.)

From what you said, I'm guessing that you kept the new dish -- is that correct? In which case you need to find out what satellite you're on, and what plan they activated for you. It's possible that all you need to do is call them and ask to be upgraded to the 20 GB plan.
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