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Old 02-19-2014, 05:06 AM
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Originally Posted by buttitchi View Post
Shaw buying them? For a fire sale?
I admit that would give me a wry chuckle, since that's how Xplornet expanded their wireless service into my area. They bought Everus -- which gave good service but was going broke -- and tried to integrate Everus' hardware into the Xplornet network. Finally they gave up and replaced the wireless hardware, which caused me to lose wireless Internet (so back to satellite, after a short detour through Rogers).
4G Fixed Wireless Formerly Echostar 17 "Jupiter"; Rogers Rocket Hub; Everus 3.5 GHz Wireless; Telesat Kazam plan; HughesNet Ku.
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Old 02-19-2014, 02:22 PM
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Yep. Eat the weaker too fast and end up with a tummy ache or violent puking.

An unfortunate part of the Xplornet business model is the '3 year to profit' plan.
Discounted install with, I guess, most people taking the 3 year plan to cut the start up cost.
If I remember correctly, in the 2005 through 2006 range, satellite Internet was quite an expensive install. Then the high subsidy came in to encourage more sign-ups.

Wireless subscriber modules are similar time to install, still require some precession, but don't need a licensed satellite installer and not much need to drive a hundred miles to get to some sites.
But getting cheap with the height of the main tower(damn those government regulations that require lights on a taller tower and a longer permitting process) and you lose customers who won't pay hundred$ for tower to see the main wireless tower.

Xplornet even adsorbed NorthWesTel's customers(1,300 Netkaster, primarily in BC and Alberta), with what would be some type of payment. Unless it was a 'take these people, they complain so much, cost us money in call support and you already have the installers in their areas'.
All this with Telesat in the background being oh so happy they choose to hide behind others.
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Old 03-08-2014, 08:14 PM
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Revenue is meaningless unless there is no profit, regardless of how much revenue they get.
I have seen other companies boast about how much revenue they make, but are quiet when asked what their profit is.
When I was working the phones, if someone wanted to cancel, I might ask why, but that was it. To hell with the crooked company I worked for. I'd help the customers, but didn't give a fuck about the company.
There was this one tower in Alberta, Saskatoon mountain, it was only one tower in that specific network for a while, but until they started to expand it, the main pipe for it was only 20Mbps, for over 20 customers, some of which has a 5Mbps package... I checked it before I left, and they upped it to 100Mbps, only because they were expanding it.
I don't have to tell you that network congestion was a huge issue with these fuckers.
I remember when they started to migrate customers off this ISP they bought in the Kemptville area on to the Wimax network. I think the main pipe for that only had a 100Mbps connection, and each tower that was connected to the main one only had a 50Mbps connection. So when there was a huge influx of new costumers on the network, the congestion got really bad, really quick. I kept telling the customers who were complaining about it that it was going to get better, but I don't know if it ever did. I imagine it probably has been fixed by now, however.
I remember when HTV first came out. When i read the literature about it, i thought the main feed to the satellite was going to be 16Gbps. I was wrong on that! it was only 2.8Gbps. So I was telling all the more technically inclined customers about this, and I was unknowingly lying to them.
HTV was such a huge cluster fuck though. The beams in the western provinces has their ground station in ST. John's, Newfoundland. Having the main feed for a satellite in eastern North America is an obviously bad idea, due to all the weather from tropical storms, hurricanes, nor'easters, etc. The west would of been a better choice due to more predictable weather patterns, but would they bother to actually think about the locations for the ground station? Nope!
Working for the company, it became obvious that the management is beyond retarded. my trainer, a woman named Crystal, was so stupid. She tried to convince me that sound waves and radio waves were the same thing. She also tried to convince me that 300 divided by 10 was 3... And she argued with me about it!
So after telling you this, its obvious that it is possible that Xplornet is not making money. I am not even sure if their accountants know how to add.
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