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Old 08-22-2013, 04:09 PM
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Arrow Xplornet Facebook links, plus technical info

One reason why a supposedly fast connection may seem slow on satellite:
There is a relation between speed and the time it takes your Internet traffic to travel from your satellite modem, to the satellite, to the ground station, out to the Internet, and then back to you via the ground station ->satellite -> to your modem. It is called 'lag' or 'ping'. A minimum lag could be 650ms(650 milli seconds = 2/3 of a second) at the absolute minimum on satellite.
That low lag combined with a fast speed should result in decent connection with only minor issues with Internet communicating programs such as voip or video conferencing. When the lag rises higher to 800ms or 1000ms(1 second) you can start to have issues with streaming applications.
If your ground station that your satellite beam connects to does not have enough capacity(servers or fiber) to the Internet your ping will rise and your speed may drop.
If your spot beam on the satellite is at capacity or over, you can have issues.

Gaming, mainly multi-player, will suck at 700ms. Multi-player Gaming that requires quick response on the server will suck at 300ms.
Gaming that requires no double NAT and requires opens ports will exceptionally suck.

Your IP address that you think is an Internet IP may actually be shared with hundreds of other users, resulting in double NAT if you have a router to protect your computers/gaming-systems from the evils of the Internet. A router helps to hide all your LAN(local area network) hardware from being probed/identified by the ISP or others.

On wireless there is also a lag, but it is much less than the satellite, but you can still experience server capacity issues at the tower or the tower it is connecting to in a backhaul method.

In both methods of connection, you need a line of site so your transceiver can see the tower or satellite. Older wireless units in the 900Mhz frequency could get away with some non-line of site issues to the tower.

summer promo
Xplornet "share" 5.0Mbps with 20GB a month.
4G "share" wireless
4G "share" satellite
"Stream" is their other term, but not much GB's a month to do that depending on how many users are using the connection.

4G is a term used for the latest(last couple of years) technology.

"activation fee" replaces "install fee". Installer(his company) gets about up to $200 per install. Setting up the unit perfectly is very important. Having to go and adjust the unit because of issues that are not the fault of the installer or not the fault of the hardware at the customer premises is very painful.

early 'contract termination' fees apply and should be "pro-rated" for months remaining on the contract.
Always make sure that the contract length at signup is authorized by you. If you wanted a 1 year contract, please make sure of that, as you do not want to find out at cancellation that someone put you into a 3 years contract without your permission.
An actual paper/digital contract is supposed to be provided to the customer, but hey who reads them things anyways, so don't ask for one and its digital and locked in the basement and theres a sewage leak so no one at the company can get to it for a few years, so quit asking.


News item:
" Xplornet asked me not to write this. File this one under “Streisand Effect” "

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000


*A contact email address found on the Xplornet Facebook page.*

talktous @ corp.xplornet.ca

the url extension of Filter=2 shows all sorts of complaints to do with speed that would not show up at the standard Facebook url.
New link as Xplornet hid it a wee bit.
Wow... Xplornet sure is not liking that 'posts to page' being easy to access. On the left of the page will be a link to 'posts to page'. Scroll down a bit.

The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS)

Heres a thread on Facebook about Xplornet taking the monthly payment out early. Possibly Xplornet also paid the non sufficient funds penalty as well back to the user. Because why should the customer suffer a monetary hardship for a fuck up by the company taking funds out early.

user dianne
August 14 2013

not very pleased
On the 14th of the month and you attempted to withdraw our monthly fee - but payday is the 15th as I am sure you were told...
You normally take out the amount on the 16th which has been fine- so now my bank account is in the negative AND I have a NSF charge of $65.53 on my account on top of your payment this month -- I can barely make the payments as it is ;-(
Thanks *Sarcasm
xplornet replies
I am more than happy to help you out. Are you ok with the NSF credit being used towards your current balance, or would you prefer the refund with a payment arrangement for the balance?

Deana C,
Xplornet Communications

Hi Dianne,
Could you please message us the amount that you were billed by your financial institution for the NSF charge?

Deana C

I will have this investigated for you immediately and have the NSF fee credited back to your Xplornet account. I will also see what I can do about a refund to your bank account.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention,
Deana C,
user dianne
hi that would be fine to use the nsf credit to go toward this months payment - Thank you very much Deana, Have a really nice day

Wow, thank you so much. I am pleasantly surprised and I greatly appreciate your help in this matter - I would appreciate the date being the 16th of the month and the NSF charge was $65.53 from the bank - sincerely, Dianne

Xplornet's throttling practices sure could use a CRTC review. Congestion throttles are good for network management, but throttling certain protocols during times of non-congestion, is a pain for those that thought they bought a connection to all things internet.
Status Report - Complaints Related to Internet Traffic Management Practices (ITMPs). Information updated as of 31 March 2015. The CRTC received 53 ITMP complaints during the past year.
How to Make a Complaint about your Internet Service
Prohibited traffic management practices

Unless your service provider has received prior approval from the CRTC, it may not use traffic management practices that do any of the following:

Block the delivery of content to you
Noticeably degrade time-sensitive Internet traffic
Slow non-time-sensitive traffic to the extent that it amounts to blocking the content
Hi Diddly Ho, Good Neighborino

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