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Old 09-01-2015, 03:25 PM
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Default I am a VERY angry Xplornet customer!


I have been an internet customer of Xplornet since 2006. Never have I got the advertised speeds, not even close or much of any good customer service in all the years I have been with them. Tired of the years of turtle-slow dsl connection that most times would not even reach 2 Mbps (my package was 'up to 2 Mbps), and calls to Xplornet that got me nowhere, I decided to upgrade in 2014. I signed up from an unlimited GB package to 4G Fixed Wireless package (50 GB/month with speeds of 'up to' 10 Mbps) in April 2014. I was told for a 2 year term I had to agree that I could not cancel until the 2 year term was up. I was also told that if there was any overage in GB, I would not be billed for it, they would just slow my connection until the next billing cycle started. I agreed of course, because Xplornet was the only available internet company for me out where I reside. I also had to pay extra, because installation technicians had to also install a tripod on the roof for the line of sight for the subscriber module, and I had to pay an extra charge for gas. Nothing is free in this world, I understand that, and not even to a loyal customer of almost a decade.

So, after signing up for the 50GB/month, speeds up to 10 Mbps package, I still could not watch Netflix, any online videos and internet was slow. I ran speed tests only to find that my internet speed was nowhere near 10 Mbps, it was not even anywhere near 5 Mbps, it was hovering and averaging around 1-2 Mbps. So my husband made a call to Xplornet customer service, and they told my husband that they used their speed tester and it said the internet speed was fine. My husband then informed them that he used 3 speed tests on the internet and they all were saying the same information and results, that our connection was not where it should be. They told him to call back if it continued. The next few days afterwards, our speed tests were showing speeds from 6 Mbps - 7 Mbps. Then the internet speed dropped back down again, and since then we have not been getting any higher then 5 Mbps, but knowing that a phone call would only pick up our internet speeds for a few days, my husband and I decided that we were going to get no results and have tried to just be happy with atleast 5 Mbps connection, instead of the constant headache of calling into Xplornet to only get no results. I have been paying $95.79 for our 10 Mbps package, but only getting the 5 Mbps package.

My family and I were gone for most of the summer, away from home, and I check my email and find one from Xplornet warning about my GB usage. My home phone that is VOIP through my internet connection isn't working or cuts off calls, cant watch Netflix, cant' download Microsoft updates for PC, can't download other PC updates, can't access anything internet, can't even connect to Xbox Live which I pay $59.99 a year........the list goes on with anything needing an internet connection. I logged into my customer portal to find my monthly usage percentage at 143.26 GB overage and would reset in 1 day - September 1, 2015????? Under my internet usage it states:

"Monthly Usage - 4G Fixed Wireless Your usage details as of August 31, 2015 (delayed up to 4 hours) for Account 34435, Subscription Q1011047 and Device F835DD2F2178

Once you have used 100% or more of your plan’s monthly usage allowance, your connection will be placed in a Limited State for the duration of this month’s billing cycle as described in Xplornet’s Traffic Management policy. Limited State will slow down your internet experience.

Monthly usage includes all upload and download totals applicable to your plan.

Your connection was placed in Limited State as described in Xplornet's Traffic Management policy at: 06:39 AM Eastern Time on August 20, 2015. Depending on your Internet service plan, you may be able to increase your available monthly usage allowance through a package upgrade."

This was the message still today, August 31, 2015, in my customer portal and so I phoned Xplornet today to inquire about upgrading to their 'LTE-25/500GB' package (500GB/month usage with speeds 'up to 25 Mbps'). I was told it is available to me, but I am not eligible. Since I upgraded my internet package in April 2014 I have to wait until 2016 to upgrade. If I really want to, I can pay for them to put in a work order through someone else, which means Xplornet won't cover my upgrade. Well with the package upgrade they would have made more money off of me as a customer, but they choose to ignore me and keep me under their thumb. BUT only until April 2016. They choose to throw away a decade loyal customer, fine, there is another company that can provide me internet service to where I live now and come April 2016, I won't be upgrading my Xplornet, I will be changing to another company!

Now after coming home from town, August 31, 2015 I have just checked into my customer portal once again at 10:32 p.m.. Only a few hours after my last check, to find this:

"Monthly Usage - 4G Fixed Wireless Your usage details as of September 01, 2015 (delayed up to 4 hours) for Account 34435, Subscription Q1011047 and Device F835DD2F2178

Percentage of package used: 142.73%

Usage this cycle: 71.37 GB
Amount in package: 50.0 GB

Your usage will reset in:

30 day(s)

Next bill cycle starts: October 01, 2015"

What and how???? This is fraudulent!! I am continuing into a 'limited state' again for the next 30 days and the internet wasn't used for much of anything because on under 1kbps you can't do much of anything online and especially when you are not at home using it!?!?

My billing cycle begins at the beginning of each month. Now I now what is going on for sure, I am being taken for a real ride and I have the proof! My speed tests are only showing well below 1 kbps still. I am still in a limited state and there is NO WAY that the day before my billing cycle starts again and is supposed to reset, that I have used 142.73% of my package of 50GB. Nobody has been using the internet except me to check my Xplornet customer portal and email account from Xplornet.

Not only is Xplornet playing games and playing with my internet overage and usage stats, they are even cutting me off from using their service like checking my email account that they provide for me. Hard to check your email when they limit your internet state. It takes forever to load just my email account I have through them, worse than dial up speed. Most times I give up and connect to my cell phone internet connection. I shouldn't have to do that either though!

I pay for services that they are cutting off services to, which they have no right. They are cutting off the service COMWAVE provides for me VOIP wise (can't use my home phone), I pay for Netflix (my settings are set for the lowest video play possible), I pay for Xbox Live and I can't use the online services I pay for because Xplornet is the boss and controls wether I can connect to anything or not. UNFAIR! It should be illegal, but one thing I do know for sure, playing with my internet usage to their advantage is CRIMINAL! I am one angry customer, and in the days of digital, Xplornet SHOULD be monitored and regulated better. In the days of online streaming (video stores have mostly closed down), Ipods/Iphones/Ipads, cellular devices, VOIP, online gaming with friends and family through the likes of Playstation/Xbox/Wii/, computers, networking......Everything these days requires software updates. There is even a FREE 5GB download for Windows 10 for those Windows 7 - 8.1 owners. But if you are an Xplornet customer, you better not touch a thing, all your devices are just there to look at the screen and not use, because Xplornet says so!

I am one tired and angry customer, and I want something done. A loyal customer of almost exactly a decade can't upgrade?? What company in the world, won't allow their customers to upgrade?? AND, what internet company that wants a good name, messes with their customers accounts and internet usage and gives FALSE information?

Having to use my cellphone internet to send out my letter of complaint is very annoying but I am in the process of getting my complaint heard and dealt with. So far I have sent my letter of complaint to CCTS/CRTC, who else should I be sending it to?

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Old 09-02-2015, 03:24 PM
Brad R Brad R is offline
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Do I understand correctly that Xplornet said you used 71.37 GB of data in the first day of the new billing cycle? You need to contact them ASAP, because that's almost impossible. I calculate that to be 6.6 Mbps continuous for 24 hours. Either your subscriber module has gone berserk and is flooding the link with endless data, or their billing software has a serious problem.

To have this ironclad, physically disconnect all devices -- computer, router, Xbox, everything -- from your Xplornet modem, and leave your Xplornet modem switched on. Go to some coffee shop with wi-fi and log into your Xplornet customer portal, and check your displayed usage. Leave everything disconnected and check it again the next day. If you're still seeing your usage go up, then the problem is on their end and you can prove it.

(You need to do this because it's marginally possible that your PC is infected with a really nasty virus, or your router is malfunctioning -- and Xplornet will never believe otherwise unless you physically disconnect everything from the network.)

I went through something like this with Rogers Wireless a few years ago, and a small amount of Internet searching revealed that billing problems are not rare.
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