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Old 04-16-2015, 09:26 PM
xplornetFiveMEG xplornetFiveMEG is offline
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Default Xplornet 4G Tower Capacity

Anyone have any numbers on the total capacity on a single sector on their towers using the 4G Alvarian system? I just got off the phone with some tech about my speed issues, He tried some really stupid things, like resetting browsing history, Lol, flushing the DNS, changing the MTU to 1400, and a few other things. Of course nothing worked, cause we both knew what the problem was, but only one of us was willing to say what it is.

Anyhow, *ENDRANT*,
The information i know is that the tower is connected to fiber, (negligible effect, the sectors are the bottleneck), and 4 Sector antennas. He admitted to me after an hour or so of useless talk that the tower is at 90-100% utilization. Who woulda thunk! He said there were currently 160 Clients actively using the network.

Does anyone know the actual model numbers of the sectors they are currently using? Or at least the theoretical maximum real world throughput of each sector antenna?

Also, Does anyone know what equipment is getting used for the LTE system? I'm assuming they can put a lot more clients on it before congesting the network, but im a numbers guy, i would love to see those datasheets.

Thanks in advance, And stay strong people!

One last thing,
Don't you think the world would be a better place without this assholes? The pot is already half empty, Go use your 15/1 dsl you lucky prick. There are so many of these people, i bet you we wouldn't be having congestion issues if people actually got what was available to them.
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Old 04-19-2015, 02:14 PM
Shjinta Shjinta is offline
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I'd be interested in the Tower statistics as well. In Shannonville We have to me at if not over max capacity. Our speeds are been in the gutter for months. Every phone call to Xplornet goes nowhere. My father has the satellite version and he gets a faster download speed than I do and I have Fixed Wireless.. It's pretty sad.
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Old 08-03-2015, 09:42 AM
jim4394 jim4394 is offline
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The sector capacity on WiMAX is around 25-40mbps depending on the channel width you are connected to. There are 3-4 sectors per tower they deploy.
The new LTE system we just got in for our company, it will do about 80mbps per sector still which is about double the old system will do. So even if Xplornet were to migrate everyone over to the LTE system and you're only getting 0.5mbps - 1.5mbps on your 10mbps plan, you speed will only double to 1-3mbps on the new system because it will be equally overloaded.
There is no good fix for wireless besides running lines unfortunately, or not overloading the system so that people get what they are paying for.
We don't overload our sectors so people always get the speed they are paying for.
Xplornet doesn't understand spectral use either, they install some clients with very low signal which uses up the air time on the sector slowing everyone down a bit, and if you add 10-20 low signals it really boggs things down.
Their marketing is just a big crock...
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