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Old 01-22-2015, 06:05 PM
Brad R Brad R is offline
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Originally Posted by fasteddy2 View Post
It's my understanding that once the BreezeMax is configured with a static IP, you will "not" get a valid IP address if using DHCP on your router/pc (and from your images it looks like you are getting a DHCP IP address).
This is correct.

I just a few days ago switched to a static IP. I also have a BreezeMax 3000. I am not using -- or familiar with -- any Apple hardware, so I can't be a lot of help there. I'm using a WRT54G router with an old version of DD-WRT installed. The switchover went smoothly.

One possible point of confusion: in your original system, there are two devices doing DHCP -- the modem and the router. DHCP in the modem supplies a WAN IP address, DNS addresses, etc. to the router. DHCP in the router supplies LAN IP addresses, DNS addresses, etc. to all your attached computers. When you are running with a static IP, there is no DHCP in the modem, so you need to manually program WAN IP address, gateway, subnet mask, and DNS addresses into the router. For example on my router it is

WAN IP Address  69 xxx xxx 155
Subnet Mask    255 255 255   0
Gateway         69 xxx xxx   1
Static DNS 1     8   8   8   8
Static DNS 2     8   8   4   4
Static DNS 3     0   0   0   0
(Real numbers replaced with 'xxx' for privacy.) I'm using Google DNS there, and only two DNS servers.

If you connect your Mac directly to the little Xplornet box (as fasteddy2 says, it's actually just a Power-Over-Ethernet injector), you may not get any response to DHCP requests. But if you configure your Mac for the static IP address Xplornet assigned you (and DNS, etc.), you should be able to get out onto the Internet.

Apologies if I'm telling you things you already know.
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Old 01-22-2015, 10:37 PM
JimmySmash JimmySmash is offline
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Hi all,

fasteddy2, I tried your suggestions, and I couldn't configure my mac statically with the SM either. Couldn't get outbound.

Brad R,

Thanks for the refresher. I was familiar with all of that and that's precisely what I was expecting as well.

I ended up running to the store and bought a new router. The Apple extreme is a great router, but it's also limited in advanced configurations (not that configuring a static is considered advanced, but xplornet has it's own built in limitations).

After messing around with that for a day, i was convinced it was an xplornet problem ~ or more precisely, I had enough information to convince an xplornet tech that it was an xplornet problem and get past the "call the manufacturer of your router for support" response.

After 1.5hrs troubleshooting with the tech, we determined that although remotely XN did the configuration on their side, and on the SM side, the router was still in DHCP mode. We tried several blocks of different static IP's, with no success. 2 different routers, different machines direct connected and router connected, etc. Nothing.

The problem has been escalated to XN engineering as of yesterday afternoon, and I've yet to hear back. They think it could be a hardware issue, and they may swap out the 3000 for a 6000 (the tech said the 6000 are much better at static than the 3000 as of a 2012 firmware update).

I'm currently in a holding pattern until they get back to me.

I'll post back on whatever XN comes back to me with, but the tech i got the 3rd time I called was awesome (his name was Nick). He really took the time to try to solve this, everytime he was about to give up and escalate it to Engineering, he wanted to try one more thing to see if he could get it working. Usually calling XN tech support is pretty gruelling, but this guy was awesome. They need more of him.

Incidentally, I bought a Asus RT-AC68U router ~ which kicks ass. Turns out i didn't really need it, but I'm glad to have it. I'm retiring the extreme in favour of the Asus. The range & performance on this is amazing and the options for configuration are unrestricted.

Thanks to everyone who responded, you all helped me make progress.

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Old 01-28-2015, 02:04 PM
JimmySmash JimmySmash is offline
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Default Success!!!!

Finally, today i got a callback from xplornet and indeed, there was a problem with the SM configuration. They were able to correct it, and re-setup the ip on the SM. I've configured my static network and i'm back in business. No double NAT, VPN trottling, or Strict NAT configuration is in the way now

As a side note, the tech told me that the new 7000's they are using work for both 4G and LTE, but they only currently support static for 4G. They don't have any static ip's allocated for LTE subscribers. My area should be upgraded in a couple of months (south of Ottawa near Greely/Osgoode) to LTE and when I switch over, i'll need a new SM and i'll have to drop the static IP ~ for now at least.
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