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Old 01-13-2015, 01:13 PM
mrbobisto mrbobisto is offline
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Default Xplornet Limited state

So its almost a year now since we have been on xplornet.

We signed up back in April last year when we moved to our country home.

When we signed up the installer could not get a strong enough signal to provision the service, needed 20 or better? ( was only getting 18) so he put a tripod on the roof and boom we had internet. We had signed up on the middle package with an extra 80 gig (100 total ) but with 2 kids and wife we kept going over the limit each month ( ie 120, 140, 130) I was getting frustrated with the overage charges, so I facebook messaged Xplornet and they moved me to there top package ( which was $10 less, and has no overage, after a 100gig we get a limited state) so at xmas time we got an xbox one, and well after updates and downloads we blew through our 100gig's in 5 days. Now im in a limited state, and its well unbearable !!!

Last 2 speedtests

.03 dl, .05 ul 1900 ping
.02 dl .03 ul 1024 ping

According to there fair play policy we are placed into a limited state ( capped at 150k ) getting frustrated, is there anything we can do about this?

I hate rural internet

Thanks mrbobisto
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Old 01-15-2015, 12:43 AM
buttitchi buttitchi is offline
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For the speeds that Xplornet offers, they are extremely stingy on GB's per month. I bet there are single homes who are tempted to add another service package(making 2) to keep up with the data needed. Use one until GB runs out and then switch the router to the second unit. Balance the cost with one high package(100GB) and one low package(50GB).

The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services

If the Xplornet documentation says that the limited state should be usable and it isn't, file a complaint at either.
150Kbps = 0.15Mbps
A high ping/lag makes the connection that much slower with the delay in packets.

The CRTC for traffic management(ITMP) complaints.
What to include in your complaint

In your complaint, explain why you think your service provider’s traffic management practice doesn’t meet the requirements set out in their traffic management policy. It is not necessary to provide technical details about the problem, but the CRTC needs enough information to understand the problem. Please, clearly describe:

What part of the traffic management policy you believe the provider has not followed
When the problem occurred, and whether it is a recurring problem
Which software program, or application, has been affected
How the application has been affected
The steps you’ve taken to try to resolve the issue with your service provider, including your provider’s response to your complaint
Hi Diddly Ho, Good Neighborino

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Old 01-15-2015, 01:34 PM
boy-you-know-who-it-is boy-you-know-who-it-is is offline
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Yup, it sucks, I've seen it happen in some worst cases of $300+ monthly bills.

Its an old tactic. I don't know this for certain obviously since I am not a substance user, but movies portray the drug dealer who is looking for new clients approaching "certain" people and giving them a high for free to get them hooked for life. Now then, the family homes are these "certain" people and obviously you're not getting your 100GB for free but we are also not actually talking about drugs here haha. It is however just enough for a family home to experience all the luxuries that the internet has to offer. Then nearing the last week or so of the month, when all you want to do is use your Xbox One and keep it updated and watch Netflix and whatever else you've been accustomed to, Xplornet is standing there with their hand out saying "Yes please, oh and you're over your limit sorry".

I've had friends tell me how great this 100GB offer looks and I've had to sit them down and show them the fine print ON XPLORNET'S WEBSITE (not on the flyer) about how Xplornet's overages work. If you have 0 other options, then maybe the 100GB is for you. If you have options that are not other services from Xplornet or a Cell Phone Provider, then exercise those other options. If they have data caps, do not only look at the monthly data cap, look at the overage rate. There are companies in my area who now have higher data caps then Xplornet but last year their plans were slightly less then Xplornet's (other ISP = 60GB, Xplornet = 100GB) but their overage rate is only $0.50/GB where as Xplornet's is $4.00/GB (depending on your plan). The other ISP has always been cheaper when using more then 100GB and some of my friends for some reason refused to believe it. They now offer packages higher then 100GB with the same low overage rate of $0.50/GB so they have no reason to go with Xplornet anymore.

Hopefully there is another ISP out by you that can accommodate your usage fairly
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