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Old 02-23-2013, 01:34 AM
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Default Xplornet wireless $3 increase april 1 2013

Word is that Xplornet wireless tower service is getting a $3 price increase on April 1 2013

The only issue I can assume is if this increase is being also made to users that are on contract?
There must be something in the contract that is price protection? Or you can give 30 days notice to cancel all services without penalty as you do not accept the new terms/pricing.

Unfortunately is 'price protection for during contract' has died due to many bribes to officials who would rather live like a millionaire on the taxpayers dime while the people get their consumer protections obliterated by one sided contracts.

There was some blurb about Telus trying to avoid provincial consumer protections by arguing that since they are a national company that fuck the people for living in a province where good consumer protections are the law, as Telus will only use Federal consumer laws.
How about the national corporation can just fuck off and get the hell out of any province that they refuse to honor local consumer protection laws. Their argument is like saying that Kuwait laws apply in Canada if the company is not based in Canada.
edit: https://secure.dslreports.com/forum/r28015989-

Meanwhile every big ISP is raising rates this and next month while trying to stomp out the good small ISPs who are bringing a good product without tiny caps.

These latest big ISP promotions are trying to lock people into contracts to give them 'unlimited bandwidth usage'(terms of contract are rather shady). Or bundle more products. Or pay $30 more to get what you should already be getting.
Or make it very difficult to leave due to accidental issues in your account that make canceling or transfer to another company hideous.
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