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Originally Posted by Brad R View Post
This means these TCP resets are not coming from the web page I'm trying to visit. They're coming from my modem. Why is my modem aborting my TCP traffic?
Does Canada's hughesnet have a 'turbo page'(proxy cache)?

This is actually for a hn7000 series.
Then click TurboPage > Control > Enable/Reset and hit the Disable radio button then ok.

A hughesnet page for the HT1000 access url.
Try and disable the Web Accelration/Turbo Page feature to see if it helps you any. Could be that there just is too much latency for such a game as it requires very low latency.

1: Go to
2: To the right of System Information you will see an italics i in white, with a slightly off-white white around it - very hard for some to see this icon, but click that
3: Click on Web Acceleration
4: Click Control
5: Place a check in the "Disable Web Acceleration" box
6: Click submit
You could also test the difference between via HTTPS and HTTP, as turbo page should not be caching encrypted.

For anyone: To force HTTPS on sites that support but don't default to it, the extension for chrome or firefox is HTTPS Everywhere.
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