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  1. Welcome to xplornetsucks.com
  2. Hopefully a Start!!!
  3. xplornet speeds
  4. xplornet lasted 13 days
  5. Speed test and Complaints
  6. xplornet history
  7. Cannot use Limewire or Utorrent
  8. Contacted one of xplornets "testimoinal" peeps
  9. Battle of the broadband providers.
  10. Worst Experience EVER!
  11. Alternative to explornet
  12. Exposing Xplornet Natinonally!!!
  13. Anybody else with Xplornet Email problems ??
  14. Alternative High Speed Inet Providers?
  15. Just my 2 cents
  16. my xplornet experience
  17. President or CEO?
  18. Important please read.....
  19. an example letter to pass onto xplornet customers
  20. new and improved or squeaky wheel
  21. Free computer security programs. Plus other things.
  22. Trenton, Ontario -Wooler Tower speeds
  24. motorola canopy system to blame
  25. New Xplornet User - Give it to me straight.
  26. Time for a class action Lawsuit???
  27. Frustrated customer
  28. WARNING/ATTENTION xplornet wireless install could cause major damage/fatalities
  29. Site Survey Fee...
  30. They are over charging us!!
  31. Looks like it sucks but I'm gonna leap anyways
  32. The real DEAL
  33. Question about debugging connection failures
  34. News....The Goverment likes xplornet....
  35. Different wireless "antennas"
  36. Xplornet is the worst ISP ever
  37. xplornet fixed wirless prblem using utorrent
  38. Main Contacts for Barrett Xplore
  39. I'd like a NO BS opinion on this situation.
  40. Phone frequencys
  41. The xplornet speedtest scam
  42. Just wanted to post something from a friendly dealer
  43. Crap service
  44. Configs
  45. this company blows
  46. Xplornet in the Ottawa Valley....anyone??
  47. wireless Xplornet
  48. Xplornet open house launch for Ottawa
  49. New lamb to the slaughter
  50. Link Negotiation Speeds
  51. xplornet in selkirk/cheapside
  52. Xplornet and Routers + SM access
  53. Talk about BIG Brother....!!!! something Everyone should read!!!
  54. Explornet battle with Rogers AOL
  55. A new XPLONET marketing plan!!!
  56. [GRAPH]: "Possible" Xplorn*t $/kbps fraud in Ottawa
  57. xplornet testimonials a fraud???
  58. Worse than dialup
  59. Pathcom iPath Customer Information
  60. I'd Just like to say
  61. how can they call this "highspeed" ?
  62. New here, saying hi...
  63. ping lotter / packet loss
  64. xbox 360
  65. And a warm Hello to All!
  66. Service down all the time.
  67. Someone help?
  68. Pathetic Speeds near Cornwall
  69. How to Deal with Xplornet
  70. More problems
  71. 900 SM Login
  72. My username is Dumb because I have Xplornet
  73. Vankleek Hill, Ontario Xplornet
  74. installers fault
  75. testmy.net not working?
  76. did not sign contract
  77. any of you guys located in lethbridge area?
  78. A way to beat Xplornet at they own game?
  79. I'm new, here's my story.
  80. Xplornet promotion
  81. Awesome...
  82. New here...my story
  83. Xplornet has sunk to new lows.... wireless people check your monthly invoices!!!!!!!!
  84. Impunity.. Lmao
  85. Playing games online
  86. Playable On-Line Games WITH or WITHOUT a static IP
  87. Oxford County, ON - Do you use Xplornet Wireless service?
  88. Newbie and new story
  89. A real customer's testimonial not to be missed!!!
  90. An apology to member "quityerwhinin"
  91. 3mbps package speed
  92. I'm trying to help
  93. Post your Service Module Info here
  94. Spoke with local installers today
  95. Hacking into xplornet wireless...
  96. Nice to find this site :)
  97. Okay, I finally hit my limit
  98. Need advice!!
  99. Anyone have the buisness package?
  100. download accelerator that works with xplornot
  101. CBC TV show - Marketplace
  102. Xplornets incompetance again!! Check your WEBMAIL
  103. What should I do? Who can I trust?
  104. HYDRO ONE and smart meters... a new broadband???
  105. Xplornets wireless backbone on Ontraio
  106. New members and their thoughts
  107. xbarret to buy Storm Internet
  108. Video Call software being blocked (sightspeed)
  109. Remote assistance work with xplornet?
  110. World of Warcraft - a new record!
  111. SM Failing?
  112. The Stages of an Xplornet Customer
  113. Thanks to explornetsucks.com
  114. Speed Results?
  115. Xbox Live
  116. RipNET?
  117. A simple way to get out of your contract!
  118. Bell Canada shaping P2P traffic
  119. Seeing some real slowness for video chat (upload?):(
  120. xplornet pulls out of Wawa!
  121. Another neat speedtest
  122. DLink and MTU
  123. Sending email through Yahoo to Xplornet = Complaints
  124. Having to reset my modem a lot lately...
  125. Newsgroup settings?
  126. Xplornet Pulls Out of North Algoma
  127. Xtreme (5 Mbps) Plan with Static IP - Anyone?
  128. PS3 Best Setup
  129. Here's a fine example of "service" from Xplornot
  130. Accessing Xplonetsucks.com
  131. Xplornet Customer Survey
  132. If you are suffering from Xplornet in Northern Alberta.
  133. A Couple of Simple Questions
  134. nextnet
  135. Xplornet Web Mail
  136. Trace route, could i get some help please
  137. Edge device
  138. Help Me!
  139. A stern WARNING
  140. New Xplornet customer
  141. WOW I just got into my Canopy settings
  142. getting consoles to work without a static IP
  143. Very Interesting
  144. Home Owner's Insruance and Xplornet
  145. OMG Thank you for this forum
  146. Stupid, stupid xplornet.. get out of your contract no HASSLES!!!
  147. Storm switch to Xplornet problem(s)
  148. Surprise for Storm -> Xplornet converts
  149. Filing a complaint in Ontario.
  150. Wireless Poll
  151. Outage
  152. Motorola Canopy site
  153. 800 Members!! WOOT
  154. hooking up direct to ethernet port
  155. Non-Xplornet, ISP customer survey
  156. If you intend to use Xplornet from Storm... Negotiate..
  157. Increased speed results this weekend
  158. Xplornet Review in Osgoode ON
  159. New Xploitnet webpage
  160. Question about cordless phones
  161. Updated Xplornet end user agreement.
  162. Long time Storm (Ottawa)
  163. Console gaming
  164. A letter to Ottawa City Councillor Rob Jellett
  165. Storm Webwalker settings
  166. Got the call today
  167. EFF.org and Wireshark packet analyzer
  168. Tired of working for Xplornet for free
  169. Connection being reset every 1-4 minutes
  170. Cellular internet. Antenna hack
  171. wireless router recommendation needed
  172. Going back to dial up
  173. Equipment billing
  174. UN-F**KIN BELIEVABLE I AM NOT EVEN A CUSTOMER and have problems HELP ME please
  175. Hooking up xplornet TODAY
  176. My Tax dollars are actually funding this! Milton,ON.
  177. Milton residents do you receive service
  178. How to file complaint with Cdn govt
  179. Lets bring Xplornet to Account, and If necessary to its Knees!!
  180. Xploitnet Open House. Ivanhoe, Ontario.
  181. Finally Free Of Xplornet
  182. Xplornet Installer wanting a heads up...
  183. Market Place and a comparison
  184. How many gamers are getting proper service?
  185. New Ottawa Survey Ward 5 West Carleton
  186. PS3 and Xbox owners
  187. Voip
  188. At my limit with xplornet
  189. My tale thus far
  190. I cant Belive these People
  191. Xplornet billing methods.
  192. How do I get Xbox live to work?
  193. Xbox Live + Canopy
  194. Milton - From Satellite to Wireless.
  195. Can't access Canopy after disabled NAT
  196. Keep getting punted from PS3 games
  197. advice needed please
  198. Sick and tired of this wireless nightmare.
  199. Rapidshare Speeds Decreased Anyone?
  200. New Govt agency for complaints
  201. Xplornet troubles in Milton Ontario
  202. Xplornet Truely Does Suck
  203. question?
  204. Webmail Service Not Available?
  205. You got to be kidding me
  206. A Tale of two neighbours...
  207. xplornet a ruthless company
  208. Horrible download/upload speeds
  209. 6 months xplornet free!!!
  210. Another Corporate Weasel
  211. Another major setback for xplornet in Rural Milton
  212. Has anyone heard of these guys?
  213. Lookin for some Help
  214. Seagrave, ON - Who should I go with? Xplornet / Andrew's wireless???
  215. Nassagaweya Xplornet Customers.
  216. Canopy thing(SM) problems
  217. Xplornet Xtreme: Need Advice
  218. Xplornet Backbones
  219. CFRA Radio Host Lowell Green Complains about Xplorenet
  220. Console Gaming
  221. A tragic week for some Xplornet customers
  222. QoS & Sustained Data Rates
  223. Login And Password
  224. In defence of Xplornet Service
  225. Dlink wireless N Router
  226. new class action lawsuit- see webpage
  227. HOWTO: access SM through router
  228. unusable between 5pm and 11:30pm
  229. Problem-o after doing some testing w/ canopy n' 360
  230. 360 live
  231. Connection keeps dropping
  232. 3.5 range
  233. Xplornetsucks.com WORTH $480,000...!!!Almost 1000 users @aprox. $40 per month
  234. Not a customer anymore and Xplornet is still a plain in the ass!
  235. Some Interested Speedtest Results
  236. Looking into Xplornet Wireless
  237. New Troubles in Milton Since 2008/12
  238. Use Testmy.net or else!!NO MORE speedtest.net posts will be allowed!!!
  239. Wireless in Central Alberta west of Edmonton
  240. type of service?
  241. Router Problem
  242. No service since January 7th
  243. w3 connex
  244. Bad Installer Bad Installation
  245. Hi xplornet I haven't paid you....where is the collection agency???
  246. Can't access canopy page
  247. damage control??
  248. Xplornet gets Northumberland Contract
  249. Milton Ontario - xplornet - BAD DEAL
  250. Vuze (Azureus)