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  1. Satellite speeds and 'fap'
  2. Just my 2 cents
  3. P2P...difficult to get working...only Azerous
  4. What the BC government says about broadband
  5. i need to fool xplornet into letting me download p2p
  6. i need to fool xplornet into letting me download p2p
  7. HughesNet/Direcway vs. Xplornet satellite
  8. Defective Satellite Hardware
  9. Xplornet Satellite - monthly download cap?
  10. Story from the sfgate.com on satellite internet
  11. how about galaxy broadband??
  12. Some various satellite information.
  13. An interesting question for xplornet satelliete users
  14. Always FAPPED
  15. are xplornet speeds above 80%
  16. Another lost connection...!!
  17. online gaming?
  18. Overnight downloading
  19. Switching Packages causes trouble.
  20. Cancelled Contract
  21. Downgrading package
  22. Disconnect - IP lost
  23. Just frustrated!!!!
  24. Tale of a new modem
  25. message to CTV W-Five
  26. Modem Issues Resolved
  27. Whats your speed test show
  28. Modem Interface
  29. Does anyone speak "chick"?
  30. Satellite FAQ: Slow Connection
  31. Interesting CTV.ca article about internet access
  32. Satellite FAQ: Using a Router
  33. Meaning of speed test results?
  34. Help picking provider
  35. New to Xplornet
  36. Satellite FAQ: FAP (Fair Access Policy)
  37. evening speeds are terrible.
  38. Housecall Antivirus scanner & Xplornet
  39. Satellite FAQ: Improving Performance
  40. wish i got paid by explornet too!!!
  41. Post your satellite speed and type of package
  42. Xplornet Satellite Internet Sucks!
  43. Grr
  44. screaming speeds tonite. (Not really).
  45. TCP/IP tweaks
  46. CBC news article about telecom complaints agency
  47. The sales pitch
  48. 25 days without service
  49. Yes, routers do fail
  50. Xplornet and Linksys Router
  51. From An Installer To Customers (Install criteria)
  52. Broken satellite dish
  53. Thieves!
  54. newby
  55. Just Wondering
  56. I'm Gone
  57. Accessing Xplornetsucks.com
  58. Just a little note for those in western canada
  59. New Subscriber - Awaiting My Install...Was this a fair price??
  60. To slow to keep.
  61. Im in the 30 day, want to cancel, need advice
  62. Fed up with Xplornet
  63. Xplornet is great
  64. does the speed test site work for anyone?
  65. Any Other company better then Xplornet ? any alternative ?
  66. Internet articles for ISP's conduct.
  67. Competition act?
  68. New Subscriber....Day 24....still no install....just collected my full refund
  69. love that tech support
  70. ku 1386 transponder
  71. Help! is the satellite service that bad
  72. Glad for the 30 day money back..
  73. it dosnt look good for Satellite in Ottawa!!
  74. Does anyone have a cancelation form they could email
  75. Speedtest variations
  76. Xplornet could learn from Netkaster
  77. Speed up Pageloads!
  78. Have you heard the "The Xplornet: Evil Everywhere" song?
  79. Fair Access Policy (FAP) Test.
  80. Technical Support
  81. Satellite Poll
  82. Considering Xploitnet :P
  83. Xploitnet UNUSABLE in the evening
  84. Updated Xplornet end user agreement. +
  85. Any satellite ISP suggestions
  86. Does Xplornet Block Ports?
  87. Fairwell Xplornet
  88. Modem not working
  89. Online banking;Xplornet says "not" on Kazam pkg
  90. Call tech support after midnight!
  91. Has anyone actually gotten out of contract
  92. Hello everyone..and yes, I hate Xplornet
  93. Corrupting files during download
  94. 'Telesat Satellite capacity'
  95. Xplornet DNS is vulnerable!
  96. question on service
  97. freeproxyserver.ca, then this website
  98. Xplornet/Hughesnet KU "degraded" Yellow
  99. Article on Hughesnet
  100. Hello!
  101. Question?Is Xplornet doing any Marketing via Web habits?
  102. Service Outage 2 Sep
  103. Dishonesty?
  104. hughesnet?
  105. Internet Phone Help!
  106. CBC links to Telecom Stories
  107. Telesat or Hughes Net
  108. 'Copyright Mafia' Secret Treaty
  109. Cannot connect to mms / port 80 blocked
  110. Great job, guys!
  111. Hughesnet KA
  112. FTP choking?
  113. KU solution for a permanent VPN connection
  114. Urgent--Google error message!
  115. question on 200 meg cap? (Hughesnet)
  116. What is, myxplornet.com
  117. i found a happy customer.
  118. Fap Free Time (Hughesnet)
  119. new xplornet game
  120. Here's a question I need answered
  121. so sad
  122. Free Dial-up if needed...
  123. First technical issue with Hughesnet KA
  124. Blocked Websites?
  125. Xplornet Corporate Management
  126. Xplornetsucks.com blocked by Xplornet via DNS
  127. Problems over the last month ? very frustrated
  128. How to Bypass Internet Censorship
  129. Barrett Xplore CEO Email and tel numbers
  130. Xplornet - Going to be getting the New Brunswick contract
  131. SSH Blocked?
  132. Online Petition
  133. Today's speed joke
  134. How Canadian isp's throttle internet
  135. Finally Free of Sat internet
  136. WebPage loadtime Stopwatch
  137. hughesnet ka fap?
  138. Slow Telesat speeds in Ontario?
  139. Dish alignment=tria failure??
  140. New plan with Xplornet in NB
  141. Off to a Bad Start!
  142. new ka 9000 installed a few questions ?
  143. update
  144. months between install and functionality
  145. Thrilled with Xplornet service
  146. soon to try xplornet
  147. New Xplornet Satellite user
  148. My Speed has increased
  149. videoconferencing via Telesat?
  150. Telesat FAP Limits
  151. Latency problems
  152. Will Hugesnet Ku work with Primus Talkbroadband Home Phone
  153. "future to be defunct Hughesnet KU bands"
  154. FAP Free Period (Telesat)
  155. Telesat degree location?
  156. Sasktel buys into Xplornet
  157. Unable to access xplornetsucks.com
  158. I Stopped Paying Explornet!
  159. Has Anyone Just Stop Paying Explorernet?
  160. Ka vs Ku - which is 'better'?
  161. "wowed" customer of Xplornet
  162. FTA Receiver
  163. Verizon just lit a 3g tower behind my house
  164. sasktel xplornet = no benefit to consumers.
  165. Back after satellite outage
  166. 10 miles outside city-what are my best options
  167. Third generation satellites news updates
  168. Contemplating getting SAT internet
  169. Best Hi-Speed Option for Sundridge, Ontario?
  170. Warning to those thinking about getting xplornet sat service
  171. Xplornet at the B.S. crtc hearings
  172. Xplornet blocking often used websites/programs?
  173. Terminated Xploitnet, now using Rogers ZTE
  174. Service in Manitoba
  175. Recent Satellite Service
  176. Saskatchewan xplornet customers
  177. Can someone explain "carrier A" and "carrier B"?
  178. Explornet a consideration or not?
  179. hughesnet speed test results in sask?
  180. No chat?
  181. Xplornet Ka band down
  182. Hughesnet satellite 'Jupiter' for 2012
  183. Help! DIY Dish Installation.
  184. Sources spare parts FYI
  185. Explornet wants to take me to court.
  186. Becareful giving xplornet your customer ID #
  187. List of people in charge at Xplornet?
  188. Nightmare service in New Brunswick
  189. Xplornet limiting the number of computers you can connect?
  190. Wireless Router Woes
  191. Options for Selling Galaxy Broadband Dish and Modem?
  192. SLooooooooW!!
  193. Go Public
  194. New satellite 'ViaSat1' for 2011
  195. f3 and windoows 7
  196. Hughesnet Restore Tokens (NEW!)
  197. Permanent throttling on RapidShare and MegaUpload
  198. Wow, Lied to from day 1.
  199. Modem updates, hpFAPMon now down
  200. Torrents and free time downloads
  201. HN9000. New higher daily limits? Better monitor.
  202. FAP'd when NO devices online?
  203. Testmy.net average speeds for Xploitnet. LMAO!
  204. POLL: Who's getting FAP'd for no reason
  205. Belleville paper's story re: slow Xplornet
  206. I want out! And need advice...
  207. Access to Blogspot pages being blocked
  208. Monthly limit from Xplornet and rapidshare blockage
  209. Need Some Assistance
  210. Back on the dish
  211. FAP Free period and Torrents
  212. Decreasing download speed on sites like megaupload and rapidshare
  213. Hughesnet KU HN7000S being swapped out for KA FINALLY!
  214. WOT Web of Trust being blocked now???
  215. Which Satellite?
  216. Seasonal suspension?
  217. CTV article about rural internet service
  218. Big Sky Communications--a bit of competition now
  219. Blizzard.net downloads
  220. Ding, Ding, Ding, Xplornet... Lets Get Ready To...
  221. xplorenet for xbox live
  222. backing out
  223. how do the rules from the us translate to canada
  224. Hughesnet HN7000 modems new FAP meter
  225. the future of high speed in rural areas?
  226. Federal Funding to Provide Broadband to Rural Canadians
  227. booked WiMax appt - maybe my days with Xploitnet are over?
  228. Two failed TRIAs within 8 days
  229. Rogers Hub
  230. Dish alignment?
  231. My experience with Xplornet in the past year.
  232. New to the forum and need some advice
  233. xplornet conspiracy...?
  234. KA Telesat Traffic Management Policy
  235. an xplornet screw up
  236. Coverage footprint? for Viasat-1 and Hughes Jupiter
  237. Torrent programs
  238. CRTC Consultation on Obligation to Serve until Aug. 27
  239. More Funding for Xploitnet in Eastern Ontario? (EORN Fiber backbone expansion)
  240. Internet radio device on Xplornet sat service
  241. Modifying unused Xplornet dish for other satellite use.
  242. Modem Locked Onto Satellite But Loses Internet Connect
  243. FAP what is and what does it stand for.
  244. question for "new" Hughesnet ka band users about un-enforced FAP
  245. Newsgroup Problem
  246. How do i get out of Sasktel by Xplornet contract?
  247. Hughsnet and Telesat for sale
  248. Stop The Meter Petition
  249. Get on the CRTC smashing bandwagon!!!
  250. Best satellite internet to get? (newbie)